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Trump’s New Ride Which Costs 5.4 Million Ringgit Will Blow Your Mind!

If you’re very much into the game Grand Theft Auto (GTA), and the movie Fast and Furious alike, this will excite you like a kid excited to receive their Christmas presents!

The new car is going through final tests before it reaches the White House to be used by the American President. According to The Sun, the Cadillac One, also known as The Beast costs $1.2 million (RM5.4 million) and is seen to have strong defense system although it seems a little paranoid.

Cadillac One is more a tank than a car. There is no other better-armored vehicle in the whole world as The Beast features 8 inches thick armor plating, heavy doors, 5 inches thick bulletproof windows, insanely massive Goodyear tires, reinforced by puncture resistant Kevlar run-flats, The Beast weighs about 8 tons.

Although it is not the fastest car in the world running 0-60 mph in 15 seconds acceleration, reaching the top speed of 60 mph, with the engine weighing 20,000lb (9,071kg), it is built to withstand biochemical attacks. Only the driver’s window could be opened and it is knitted with equipment that you would not expect to find in a car, such as fire extinguishers, oxygen tanks, tear gas canister, shotguns, even containers of the President’s blood type, and integrated grenade launcher.

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Other than that, it was said that there are also several weapons hidden under the grill of the car that could be used for counter attacks.

The Beast, the title of the official car carrying the American President then, Obama, was once damaged in 2013 when a driver mistakenly fill up its tank with the wrong type of gasoline on the way to Israel, as The Beast only runs on diesel.

Because of this mistake, it has left the Secret Service helpless trying to find a replacement car to bring President Obama to Tel Aviv. However, they were lucky that President Obama was not in the vehicle when the damage occurred.

I would love to see the interior of the car, Trump is gonna need all that protection when he goes around the world!

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