Tun Mahathir : Israel Is A Criminal State And Deserves To Be Condemned - Malaysia Is Not Anti-Jew Or Anti-Semitic - The Coverage

Tun Mahathir : Israel Is A Criminal State And Deserves To Be Condemned – Malaysia Is Not Anti-Jew Or Anti-Semitic

1. Malaysia does not recognise Israel; has no diplomatic relation with it, does not allow Malaysians to visit Israel and does not allow Israelis to visit Malaysia.

2. This is the only country in the world that Malaysia treats in this manner. Why?

3. In the first place Israel was created from a slice of Palestinian land, without a referendum or a plebiscite being held. The Palestinians were expelled from Palestine without any compensation for the land and homes seized by the Israelis.

4. Then Israel seized more Palestinian land so that Israel became bigger. The Israelis then built numerous settlements on Palestinian land without the consent of the Palestinian nation. Palestinians are barred from these settlements.

5. When the Palestinians resisted and threw stones at Israeli tanks and armoured cars, the Israeli soldiers fired live bullets at the Palestinian children and arrested many of them. The arrested people were detained for years without trial.

6. The detainees were used to exchange with Israeli soldiers captured by the Palestinians.

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7. The Gaza strip is blockaded by Israeli forces. Relief ships carrying food, medicine and building materials were siezed in international waters and forced to go to Israel. In one incident 10 activists were killed. These acts by the Israelis is blatantly against international laws.

8. When the Palestinians fired futile rockets at Israel, the Israelis dropped bombs and fired missiles at Palestinian towns and villages. Schools and hospitals were destroyed, patients and children killed or maimed.

9. The blockade of Gaza is illegal but no country has condemned Israel for breaking international laws and moral codes.

10. Today Israel declares that Jerusalem is its capital. When Palestinian slapped Israelis soldiers, they were shot and killed and many were detained.

11. A high wall has been built to divide Palestinian villages and towns. Palestinians cannot visit relatives without being subjected to humiliating checks at many check-points created by the Israelis. The Palestinians are not allowed to travel on roads built by the Israelis on Palestinian land.

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12. Thousands of Palestinian have been killed or wounded through Israeli military actions.

13. The whole world can see the injustice and the oppression of the Palestinian by the Israelis. But Israel is not even criticised by the people who talk so much about freedom from oppression and the rule of law. Israel seems to be privileged.

14. If anyone criticises Israel or the holocaust he is immediately labelled “anti-Semitic”. The implication is that he is inhuman or immoral. But the blatant inhumanity of Israel is not condemned.

15. Malaysia is not anti-Jew or anti-Semitic. The Arabs are also Semitic people. But we reserve the right to condemn inhuman and oppressive behaviour anywhere, by anyone. We have condemned the Myanmar people for their treatment of the Rohingyas. We have criticised many countries and people for inhuman acts.

16. Many people and many countries have condemned us. But we have not been labelled nor have we labelled people who speak as a matter of right in a free world.

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17. Malaysia bans two Israeli athletes – the US bans citizens of five Islamic nations and plans to build a wall against South Americans. Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic ban refugees. Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban referred to Syrian refugees as “Muslim invaders.”

18. Israel is a criminal state and deserves to be condemned. We know the strong backing for Israel. We cannot act against Israel beyond refusing to recognise it. We maintain we have a right to bar Israelis from our country. When the world condemns us for this we have a right to say that the world is being hypocritical. Their talk of human rights and the rule of law is so much empty words.

19. I appeal to those who sympathise with the Palestinian cause to voice their condemnation. Terrorism is not the answer. A proper strategy is needed to bring justice to the Palestinians.

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  1. Joe Fernandez

    January 29, 2019 at 01:15

    There has never been a Palestinian nation throughout history. There’s no Palestinian language.

    The Ottomon Empire never recognised the land claims of the people who now call themselves Palestinians.

    When Tel Aviv dropped the term Palestine in favour of Israel, the Arabs in the Biblical lands called themselves Palestinians.

    UN recognition of Israel in 1948 meant the Crusaders finally managed to win the Biblical holy lands and chase out the intruders.

    Mahathir is not interested in the plight of the so-called Palestinians. He only wants to woo Malay votes to PH. Except for the Gen Y, Malays will not support PH no matter how much the gov’t favours them. This is the result of Mahathir brainwashing Malays for 22 years.

    First things first.

    Mahathir should put his money where his mouth is and advise the people in the West Bank and Gaza to elect their leaders.

    No need to send an aid-carrying ship of instant noodles to Israel. The Tel Aviv gov’t is more than capable of looking after the people.

    In the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Hamas and Fatah leaders have never been elected in the last quarter century.

    They have no legitimacy.

    They can’t claim to represent the people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    That’s why the Gov’t of Israel ignores them.

    The people of the West Bank and Gaza must elect leaders who can represent them in talks with Israel.

    The unelected leaders are corrupt, only interested in filling their pockets with aid money and the taxes collected by Israel in the two disputed territories i.e. West Bank and Gaza.

    The reality is that various Churches own all the land in Jerusalem.

    Even the Israeli gov’t has to lease land from the Churches.

    Jerusalem has been majority Jewish ever since it was founded 3, 000 years ago by King David.

    Islam has run out of time in the Biblical holy lands.

    Except for those Muslims who are Israeli citizens, other Muslim immigrants can only stay in the Biblical holy lands as stateless people.

    The Biblical lands is not the homeland of the Arabs. Except for the Arabs, all foreign occupiers of the Biblical lands have left.

    In the last 2, 000 years, Jerusalem came under various foreign rulers.

    The last was the British.

    Jerusalem has never been partitioned in the last 3, 000 years. Don’t expect the people to agree to partition the city and hand over the eastern part to unelected leaders in West Bank and Gaza.

    Israel is a democracy.

    You can take matters to the Supreme Court.

    Many Muslims have petitioned the Supreme Court and won against the Israeli gov’t. This includes land issues.

    On paper, a gov’t can do whatever it wants unless restrained by the court or the people taking to the streets.

  2. Paragone Accenture

    January 29, 2019 at 05:16

    Palestinians or the Statte of Palestine was never supported by the Arab States at all be it Jordan, UAE, Syria, Saudi, etc. If the Arab States had supported, the problem could have easily been resolved. No Palestinian refugee has been accepted or assimilated into Arab States. Palestinians refugees are not issued citizenship or passports by fellow Semitic States. They are only rescued by European countries or America and holds their citizenship. The whole issue is Arab hypocrisy in suppprting their own. People in UAE or Qatar or Jordan is not bothered with the Palestinian cause at all when Palestinians were attacked or conquered. Why is Malaysia getting involved in a Semitic problem?

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