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Are UFOs Finally Visiting Malaysia??!! Video Of A Recent Sighting Goes Viral!!!

OMG…so like finally after years and years of hearing stories of countless UFO sightings in America, the aliens are finally moving to Malaysia! Maybe they are not liking the fact that Trump is taking over the country? Hahaha! who knows, right?

Hey, you can’t blame me for having such thoughts, since disasters, alien invasion and zombies attacking the humans always take place in America. (well, of course, not forgetting that zombies had infiltrated Korea too).

Anyways, according to a recent sighting of what many are assuming that there are two alien ships floating near Komtar in George Town, Penang, has definitely gotten our attention!

source: Penang Flash News

The video that was originally posted by Wang Soon You on Facebook showed two white objects flying at a constant distance with each other through the skies of Komtar.

Apparently, he wasn’t the only one that saw the whole thing as in the video many other passersby were also fascinated by the two objects that were in the sky.

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In his post, he said: “A UFO appeared over Penang skies, would you believe me”

Okay, so let’s get this straight, I believe in everything since I am alive, you are alive, animals are alive, bacterias are alive, even ghosts are real (regardless of whatever the scientists says), so what are the odds of alien not being real?!

But obviously, many others were in super defense mode and came up with their own theories suggesting that it could be millitary airplanes or it were drones. (Not saying that they are wrong though…)

Oh well, I let you be the judge of that! Take a look at both the videos that the curious man had uploaded.

Katanya UFO muncul di Komtar Penang…tu yang ramai keluar tengok….biar betul..😂😂

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