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Uh-Oh!!! Did This Lion Refused To Perform For The Prime Minister??!!

Woopsie…the whole internet went buzzing over the Chinese New Year incident when a lion seemingly refused to dance for the prime minister and his wife during the Gerakan open house!

Many sites even reported about the whole “public embarrassment” but soon after many of this posts were also taken down. Even one of the well-known political blog, OutSyed The Box, shared a video from KiniTV with the title “Gerakan lion refuses to dance for MO1”.

In the short clip, it was seen that once the lion bowed down in front of the incredible pairing, it refused to move even when the drums were still beating in the background.

Now many are already taking sides because right after this incident went viral and even started appearing multiple times through chat applications, there’s also a different approach to this story. Malaysia Outlook, debunked the whole theory of the lion protesting since it was actually peeling off the fruit skin to hand it out to the couple.

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So which is it? Was the abnormally long pause went to serve as a sign that not many are happy or it just took the ‘lion’ slightly longer to peel off all the fruits?

Take a look at the video below!




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