[UPDATE] Abused Malaysian Freelance Model In Desperate Need Of Donation For Her Sickly Daughter - The Coverage

[UPDATE] Abused Malaysian Freelance Model In Desperate Need Of Donation For Her Sickly Daughter

It’s just so heartbreaking to see a 6 months-old baby suffer with a urine bag. 

On 12th of July, a Malaysian freelance model who suffered severe injuries on her nose and lips after being abused by her husband in UMMC is now desperately in need of a donation for her sick daughter, Kaylie. Please kindly click on the link to read more about the dramatic story – “Please Don’t Take My Daughter As A Cash Cow!” – Malaysian Freelance Model Violently Abused By Her Husband In UMMC

According to the news source on Facebook, Kaylie is a 6-month old baby who was born with no buttocks. She could not even perform normal excretion and she needs intensive care from professionals to ensure that her body is excreting well. She is now in University Malaya Medical Center, waiting for enough funds to perform an urgent operation.

As Kaylie needs the funds urgently for her operation, the messages have been shared on different social media platforms such as WeChat Moment and Facebook. The costs for Kaylie’s operation is just like an astronomical figure for her parents and her family.

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In order to gather enough money for Kaylie to perform the operation, Michelle tried to approach different organizations and start a fundraising campaign on social media to collect funds for her daughter. Any readers who are interested in donating for Kaylie, please kindly transfer to the account stated below.







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