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UPDATE: CCTV Footage Allegedly Reveals That Deceased Student Did Steal Her Teacher’s Phone

For the past two weeks, Malaysia was shaken by the news where form two student Vasanthapiriya was accused of stealing her teacher’s iPhone 6 and later attempted to commit suicide. She was announced dead after she was brought to hospital despite prior CPR attempt to save her life by her 50-year-old father.

Vasanthapiriya deliberately refused to admit to the thievery even when she was locked in a room by three of her teachers and was allegedly hit by one of them. She was brought home after the session and it was then she locked herself in a room, wrote a suicide note and hung herself with a shawl. The note said:

“Nobody is responsible for my death. I want to thank my lovely parents for taking care of me.

“I am so sorry, Teachers, I never took your phone. I promise.”

Many of us wanted to believe that Vasanthapiriya was innocent as her aunt pleaded saying if an iPhone worth more than a child’s life.

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Source: The Malaysian Insight

But the truth whether or not the 14-year-old had stolen the phone remained a mystery even until now. On February 11, NST reported that a CCTV footage obtained from Vasanthapiriya’s school, SMK Methodist Nibong Tebal, had allegedly revealed that Vasanthapiriya had indeed stolen the phone. 

Source: NST

It’s also reported that the teacher had gone through the footage before talking to her. The police had confirmed the emergence and validity of the CCTV footage, but they refused to comment further on the matter.

“We call for calm and for the people to wait for the inquest proceedings,” the sources said.

Prior investigations had completed three papers on the matter and they were handed to Deputy Public Prosecutor’s office for further action. However, the papers were returned to the police seeking for further information as the reports were insufficient to come to a cohesive conclusion.

In response to the news, Penang police chief Datuk A. Thaiveegan reminded the public that investigations have yet to establish if really Vasanthapiriya had stolen the phone, MMO reported the next day (Feb 12).

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He said the quality of the footage was poor thus the police are unable to verify it. “We need the forensics expert to further enhance to see who it is. So until then we cannot comment.” 

“At the moment whatever people write, or even speak about it, cannot be confirmed,” he told the media when met after a seminar yesterday (Feb 12).

Source: NST

Vasanthapiriya’s father also came out to comment on the issue on yesterday. The 54-year-old father, R. Muniandy, said many parties were trying to twist and turn the details of the events. He told the media in a press conference held at his house that the back and forth of news is smearing the name of his daughter and their family.

“Information that does not have valid authentication from authorities does not help us face the fact that we have lost out child.

“In fact, certain parties are trying to direct the focus towards my late daughter, claiming that she had attempted suicide before and had health problems,” he added.

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Muniandy said that in reference to a newspaper report who allegedly claimed that his late-daughter had slit her wrist in 2016. To that, he said that her daughter was a mentally healthy teen who loved by her friends and teachers.

“My daughter was a normal child, and as a father, I would have known if she had any mental health issues.

“She was always cheerful and never had any problems with her friends at school, and was always liked by her teachers.”

We wish that the case can quickly come to a closure so that Vasanthapiriya’s family wouldn’t need to listen to the waves of accusations anymore.

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