[VIDEO] Chinese Brat Kicks Grandmother And Mother In Public!!! - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Chinese Brat Kicks Grandmother And Mother In Public!!!

Yesterday, All Singapore Stuff (ASS), posted a video of a kid kicking both his mother and grandmother in public. It is unclear of their nationality as ASS claimed that they were from People of Republic China while some others suggested that they were Hongki.

Either way, the most upsetting part is that this big brat got violent just because his elderly relatives told him to stop playing with his phone. Like what the f*ck, kid! If I was you, I would have gotten my ass whooped by my mum before I could even land a kick on her body.

The post has gone viral and it has upset netizens who have more brains and respect for the elderly. This were some of the comments that the post received. Some are harsh, but it is understandable why people would think of such method to discipline the kid.

What is wrong with the new way of upbringing kids these days by both family and education system? Why are they so many kids with this unacceptable and indecent behaviour?!

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Let us know what do you think, and what are the possible ways to overcome this issue.

Meanwhile take a look at the video below.

#PRC boy kicks mum and grandmother after being told to stop playing with his handphone.Speechless sia.

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