[VIDEO] A Chinese Father Completely Loses It When He Finds His Teenage Kid Playing Around In A Cyber Cafe!!! - The Coverage

[VIDEO] A Chinese Father Completely Loses It When He Finds His Teenage Kid Playing Around In A Cyber Cafe!!!

I shall speak to all teenage students with respect in hopes that they would actually understand a parents’ worth. Please don’t misunderstand your parents, they are not trying to embarrass you in front of your school friends, they are just trying their very best to provide all your needs and wants and in return they just want you to complete your studies in the best way possible. They only want to see their children lead a successful life.

I know at times it gets hard to cope up with our parents’ expectations, but they have those expectations only because they know you are actually capable of achieving it. They did raise you after all.

You may not realise this, but they have been working day and night just to make sure they have enough funds to pay for your school fees not only for your education but also for you to make friends, friends who have the potential of bringing out the best in you when they can’t do it themselves.

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So to just simply skip out on classes and head to a cyber cafe where the “real” fun is at, is just your assumption of “fun” and it is an excuse to not develop yourself as a human being. Trust me, I know cyber cafe sounds like a fun idea, but there’s nothing much that you can achieve in life by doing so. Even if you plan to become a professional DOTA player, education is still important.

Try to be more understanding towards your parents, please…you only have to study for 11-15 years then the rest of your life you can spend it however else you want at your own expense and pace.

It’s really heartbreaking to see this man losing his mind over his inconsiderate child who decided to skip school and went over to a nearby cyber cafe. I can’t even imagine the amount of piled up frustration and anger that this father had, but from his body language, it’s pretty easy to tell that his own child’s irresponsible action had utterly shattered his heart.

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Take a look at what the CCTV video of the cyber cafe caught when this incident was unfolding…

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