[VIDEO] Intoxicated Student Getting Harassed Worries Netizens - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Intoxicated Student Getting Harassed Worries Netizens

Yesterday, June 22, a video of a group of students playing truant and getting drunk has gone viral on social media and has raised some concern on Malaysians.

The video clip was uploaded on Malaysian Tamilar Kural‘s Facebook page at 6 pm.

In the video, eight boys are seen hanging out in an isolated area, the boys including the one recording are heard repeatedly telling the intoxicated teen to dance.

“Dance la, this is your moment, dance away.”

According to The Star, one of the boys asked for the time and someone is heard saying that it is 10 am and that they had to be somewhere by 11.

One of the boys holding him said he is dancing like he is possessed.

The boy that was taking the video told the boys who were trying to hold the drunk student,

“Jeeva, just let him go, let him go, Vicky, let him dance as much as he wants.

“Play that song, let him dance to it, take the bottle from the ground and give it him, let him hold it and dance.”

When they didn’t let go of him, the boy shooting the video, dressed in a red shirt, leaves the phone and goes over to join the others, he forced the two boys away from the intoxicated boy saying that he would be fine on his own.

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The other boys protested in letting him go as they fear he might fall down, and one person is heard saying,

“If he falls, punch him in the stomach and he will sober up.”

The video has over 30,000 shares and 944 shares since posted, with netizens condemning the actions of the boys.

Other netizens pointed out that the parents are also to be blamed for the boys’ behavior.

Netizens are very concern by the boys’ reckless behavior as this video surfaced not too long after the tragic death of T.Nhaveen and Zulfarhan Osman Zulkarnain, both passed away after being brutally bullied and assaulted by both schoolmates and former schoolmates.

These boys should be brought in for some counseling and if possible lock-up. Let them understand the consequences of their actions before it’s too late!

(Source: The Star / World of Buzz)




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