[VIDEO] Malaysian 'Road Bully' Claims He Is The Victim In 2 Viral Videos - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Malaysian ‘Road Bully’ Claims He Is The Victim In 2 Viral Videos

Sad to say we have another road bullying incident that surfaced the internet and right here in Malaysia! The 2 viral videos were uploaded by Facebook page David Marshel showing a Singh male blocking a vehicle in the middle of the road, and arguing with an elderly man in the middle of a traffic jam.

Simren Singh is the man driving the white Toyota SUV, bearing the registration number BMS 7, it is said that the car had received 9 summons on all types of traffic violation, but how true is that? We wouldn’t know for sure.

Source: Facebook

Simren is now being labelled as a ‘road bully’ after being involved in two incidents which went viral recently with over 24,000 shares and over 3.4 million views both video combined on Facebook.

In the first video posted, we can identify by the voice that a Chinese woman was driving the car and her passenger was a Caucasian male. Simren is seen blocking the lady’s way ever since the video started playing, all he does was block her from the front, until one point where there was not enough room for the lady to move, he exited his car and started taking pictures of her and her car.

In the second video, Simren is seen arguing with an elderly man at the side of the road with passersby interfering, the argument seems heated and Simren decided to flee the scene, but the old man wasn’t happy, he slammed and kick Simren’s car which made him reversed into the man’s car and went off.

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However, the road bully said the first incident happened in January, he was driving along Sungai Besi when a luxury sedan hit his car from behind.

“I stopped my car but instead of stopping, they tried to run away so I sped up, overtook them and stopped my car in front of theirs.”

He told Free Malaysia Today that he had got down from his car to take a picture of them as proof in case he needed to lodge a police report (and to claim insurance).

He admitted that he raised the middle finger at the couple because he was angry and claimed that the car belonged to his company. Since it is damaged, he needs to send it to the workshop to get it repaired.

He later said that the damage is very minor and so he did not lodge a police report.

On the second encounter, luck didn’t seem to be on Simren’s side. He claimed that he was hit from behind again while driving along Jalan Genting Klang, he was in the middle lane and wanted to switch to the right lane and had turned on his indicator light.

“After about 15 seconds, my car was rammed from the back, I got down to inspect the damage to my car and the other driver started screaming profanities at me. I also noticed that his road tax had expired, which is an offense.

“I had enough of his screaming at me so I too shouted back at him to stop. I even said that we should go to the nearest police station to lodge a report as I would need to report to claim the insurance.”

Simren told that he left only because he was outnumbered and didn’t want to be bashed up, but he lodged a police report with the traffic police over the accident. He later found out that the man lodged a report against him under Section 427 of the Penal Code for committing mischief and thereby causing damage to the amount of RM25.

“So I lodged a counter report at the Setapak police station under the same section.”

He also added that despite receiving 2,000 life threats, he would not stop pursuing justice and that he would be lodging a report on the threats soon.

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Netizens are sharing their thoughts on the incident and on Simren himself, it seems, not many people can believe the words that are coming out of his mouth, or rather words that he is typing over the computer or cell phone screen.

Let’s do a little bit of analyzing here, Simren seem to have a short fuse when it comes to his temper, in the first video, we hardly see any damage to the car and it really seemed like he was intentionally bullying the female driver. In the second video, however, both parties are at fault, as they were screaming profanities at each other’s faces, but the video was taken from afar and it is hard to decipher what they were arguing about. Also, showing the middle finger to others only proves that you’ve lost and that you have nothing better to say.

All in all, this is not a racial issue and we should not categorize others with the similar race just by the action of one person! we can’t judge everyone just based on the videos, we can only leave it up to God. 

Here are the 2 viral videos for your viewing pleasure. 

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What do you think?

(Source: Facebook / Free Malaysia Today)

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