[VIDEO] A Naked Vietnamese Man Attempted To Rape 9 Years-Old Girl In Her Parents' Shop!! - The Coverage

[VIDEO] A Naked Vietnamese Man Attempted To Rape 9 Years-Old Girl In Her Parents’ Shop!!

According to the Ho-Chi-Minh social media portal in Vietnam, a Vietnamese man attempted to rape a 9 years-old girl got caught while he was trying to flee from the scene by threatening the girl with a knife.

The Vietnamese man was confronted by the local police officers for more than 30 minutes. As the man wouldn’t want to surrender to the police, the police officers had to gamble and attack him from the back and they managed to stopped him from hurting the girl. The situation was a mess as the man was reacting arrogantly when the policemen were handcuffing him!

According to the reported news, the incident happened in the shop of the 9 years-old girl’s parents. In the evening of the day, the father went out to the nearby shops to buy groceries and asked the little girl to take care of the shop. However, a drug addict who passed by the shop found out that there was no adults with the little girl in the shop at that time. This triggered his desires to catch the girl and attempted to abuse her sexually on the second floor!

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The suspect had taken off all his clothes and forced the little girl to do blowjob for him! The little girl was crying loudly due to the pain. Thank god! Her father came back in time and heard the little girl crying on the second floor. He quickly ran up to the second floor and witnessed his daughter was being raped by the drug addict. The father stopped the drug addict by shouting loudly to him!

As the drug addict panicked for what he did, he tried to flee from the shop by kidnapping the little girl with a knife putting on her neck. The father who was shouting loudly to stop the drug addict got the attention from the neighbours. With the assistance of neighbours, the policemen were called to arrest the drug addict.

By the time the police arrived, they confronted the drug addict for more than 30 minutes. The drug addict was emotionally unstable and refused to surrender to the police. In order to keep the girl safe, one of the policemen had approached the man from the back to stop him.

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The situation was then under control after the drug addict was handcuffed by the police. The little girl was then sent to the hospital for further body check-up. She is now safe and sound with her parents.

Let’s watch the video!

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