[VIDEO] Pakistan Anchor Irza Khan's Fall Of A Crane Creates A Huge Wave Of Reactions - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Pakistan Anchor Irza Khan’s Fall Of A Crane Creates A Huge Wave Of Reactions

Before I begin, let me just announce that the lady is healthy and is still alive! Unlike what the rumours claim; her death after the fall that has been circulating around.

Here’s a prove:

It was reported that as she was broadcasting a news piece while sitting on a crane, she fainted due to sudden suffocation from the hot weather. Her fall had caused some injuries to her head and arm.

Many who posted the video claimed that she had a seizure, stroke and some even said that she had a heart attack, which all were deemed untrue after her medical report came out.

After her ‘dramatic’ fall, on-sight crew members quickly picked her up and transported her to the hospital via an ambulance. It was also noted that the team could not provide the necessary aid on sight as they were unequipped.

However, many did wonder “Why on earth was she sitting up in the crane, anyways?!”

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And some went to the extent of saying she deserved the fall as Irza was the one who thought it was okay to do a live broadcast at there. Well, IMO, she probably did what she was told to do…and bluntly saying that she deserved it just shows how dry is your heart.

Anyways, it’s all happy ending over here, since she was saved and ultimately looking cheerful as ever as she reassures netizens that she is well healthy.


Source: Daily Post





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