[VIDEO] Parents Caught Stealing On CCTV In Front Of Their Children - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Parents Caught Stealing On CCTV In Front Of Their Children

Parents are supposed to set an example for their children because they learn from observing the adults. Did you know children learn to like and hate certain types of food based on their parents’ or guardians’ reaction towards it? They just absorb all kind of knowledge around them. This is why it is crucial for parents and guardians to set a good example!

However, there are a number of children that are exposed to negative examples all over, just like this family in Malaysia.

A video was posted on Facebook by netizen Rabiatul Adawiyah of a couple stealing a pet carrier from a pet store in front of their children, the post has since gone viral with over 35,000 views!

The family of four was spotted walking into Pets Wonderland in Klang Parade, where the parents planned their thievery. Apparently, the stack of pet carriers are placed out of the counter’s sight, that is why the couple thought the could get away with stealing!

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In the video, the husband and wife can be seen looking at some cages while their eldest child ran into the shop. When their daughter came out, the father started hitting her, maybe it is to gain the attention of the staff?

After much pondering, they went for it.

The mother picks up the pet carrier, while the father carries the baby from the stroller and puts the carrier in the stroller while pushing it away, acting like nothing happened.

Wow, look at that “teamwork”!

I could somewhat understand why the staff did not notice anything fishy, because usually when you see a family quarrel in public, you’d automatically look away and try not to make eye contact, right?

With the father “disciplining” his daughter, the staffs are distracted. But what they should’ve done is come out of the counter and stand nearby ready to assist. 

So what were they doing in the shop?

Regardless, we’re glad that we have a CCTV surveillance footage as evidence, and thankfully it is in high definition!

We can only wait for the authorities to capture these thieves who are setting a very bad example to their children. They’re going to grow up thinking it’s okay to steal if we don’t take action on the parents!

Watch the video below!

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(Source: Facebook)

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