[VIDEO] Self Claimed MMA Fighter Gets Tackled By Nepal Guard At A Condo In Subang Jaya - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Self Claimed MMA Fighter Gets Tackled By Nepal Guard At A Condo In Subang Jaya

Netizens are in high spirit after watching a short clip of a self-claimed MMA fighter of 8 years attacking a Nepalese guard and gets tackled instead.

Just an hour ago, Discovery Subang Jaya posted the clip with a caption, “Live from USJ ONE condo. MMA fighter took on the guard that not allowed him to go up the condo.”

In the short video, a high pitched male voice was heard, though, the exchange of words was unclear. We are not sure what caused the MMA fighter to lose his patience but as both were in ‘ready’ to fight stance, the MMA fighter gave the first low kick which surprisingly did not knock the guard down.

And with an epic comeback, the guard used his whole body weight to bulldoze the bigger-sized man down to the ground. Within seconds, two other guards stepped in to assist in getting hold of the man. One was seen hitting the MMA fighter with the baton.

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It seems that after things cooled down for a bit, the MMA fighter claimed that he will come back and crush all the guards. He even asked them to say their goodbyes to their family first.

SUPER UNPROFESSIONAL and IMO people like him should not even be given the access to learn martial arts.

Netizens were quite fired up over the incident and most of them were pretty irked over the fact that he called himself an MMA fighter and behaved as such.

These are the following videos of the incident:

It was known that the police had stepped in this matter and investigations are on going.


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