Video : Singapore Master Kevin Foong 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac 2019 Forecast - The Coverage

Video : Singapore Master Kevin Foong 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac 2019 Forecast

Rat 2019

Blessed with one of the most powerful star, The Sun provides support and nobleman to you in 2019. You need to proactively take more action to maximise the year ahead. The salty pool star let you gain popularity with the opposite sex, which is perfect for single Rat people out there.

Ox 2019

For people born in the year of the Ox, be prepared for changes this year as there is no auspicious star. However, if you are ready to embrace change, such year would be a transformative year for you. With the funeral door star activated, you should be watchful of your health status and take up a good exercise regime. You can make use of this year to master a new skill set to prepare yourself for the future.

Tiger 2019

For people born in the year of the Tiger, one of the best auspicious star – The Moon provides opportunities to you. Keep a look out for female supporters as they will lend strength to you when you need them. The Grand Duke Combination suggest partnership possibilities, if you haven’t been doing something different, perhaps 2019 is a great year to begin.

Rabbit 2019

The Rabbit ranked #1 in 2019 Year of the Pig. Equipped with the General Star, The Three Stages as well as the Golden Lock Star, you have all the tools that set you for success. All you have to do is to take the first step to focus on your dream plan.

Dragon 2019

For people born in the year of the Dragon, you are blessed with the Monthly Virtue Star that give you new opportunities in 2019, so make sure you are doing more this year. Whether you are starting a new business or career path, the key is to take action. The red phoenix star offers good relationship with your spouse and potential partner for the singles dragon people out there.

Snake 2019

For people born in the year of the snake, there are plenty of opportunities coming from overseas due to the Sky Horse star. If given a chance to venture aboard, you should grab it. The Month void ability to protect you from negative event ensure 2019 is a progressive year ahead.

Horse 2019

For people born in the year of the Horse, you are 1 of the top 3 animal sign for 2019. Armed with the Emperor star and Dragon virtue, you should plan ahead and try to achieve more in 2019. Nobleman are coming your way, so make sure you asked for help when you required them.

Goat 2019

People who is born in the year of the Goat should be prepared for changes in 2019 as this will transform you to a better path. If you are not prepared, you will feel the year ahead is challenging. Such year is conducive for picking new skill set as well as expanding your social contact as you get to meet potential mentor that lift you to a higher scale.

Monkey 2019

People born in the year of the Monkey is in the top 5 for 2019. Both the Fortune Virtue Star and Heavenly Virtue star set the path for new opportunities to appear. The wealth star is shinning strong, so make sure you have plan something different to leverage the good stars.

Rooster 2019

Equipped with the Eight Seats Star for 2019, people born in the year of the Rooster have the chance to rise to higher authority, fame and promotion opportunities. The Barrier star suggest communication problem with your co-workers and spouse. To overcome this, it would be best to listen first.

Dog 2019

If you are single and looking for love, then 2019 is a great year for people born in the year of the Dog, as you are blessed with the Sky Happiness Star. The Surpassing Path Star provide you with enhanced social status, so make sure you are putting in more value in whatever you are doing, so chances of promotion are enhanced.

Pig 2019

Although people born in the year of the Pig offend the Grand Duke in 2019, it is not all that bad as you are protected by the Relief God Star that transform negative event into positive one. There are potential for new career opportunities if you are willing to embrace new changes to your life.

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