[VIDEO] Singaporean Schoolgirl Thrown Across Road After Being Struck By A Car - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Singaporean Schoolgirl Thrown Across Road After Being Struck By A Car

Since young, we’ve been taught that we need to “look left, look right, and left again” before crossing the road, meaning we should make sure that both sides of the road are clear before crossing.

However, a 16-year-old girl in school uniform was hit by a car and flung across the road upon impact in Ubi Road, Singapore on Monday, April 16.

Source:  YouTube

Based on two footages of the incident that were taken from the dashcams of vehicles that were stationary at a bus stop, the girl appeared to be looking left for cars before she tried to dash across the road.

She was then hit by an oncoming car from the right instead.

Source: YouTube

At the time of writing, the original video and the reposted videos have garnered over 200,000 views with more than 2,000 shares.

It is reported that the girl was thrown about a car-length across the road and appeared to be conscious in an alternate angle after the accident. At that time, two passersby stopped to check on her and also carried the victim to the pavement and laid her down on a patch of grass.

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Source: YouTube

Lindy Sim, the video provider said that the red Suzuki Swift that hit the girl did not flee the scene but stopped in front of the taxi, to presumably assist the student.

According to Stomp, a police spokesman confirmed that they were alerted to the accident which happened along Ubi Road 1 towards Airport Road and said that investigations are ongoing.

“The pedestrian, a 16-year-old girl, was conscious when conveyed to Changi General Hospital.”

However, many netizens pointed out that the passersby should not have moved the girl after the accident citing that it could cause the student further injuries.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Watch the video below. Viewer discretion is advised.


Remember to look both ways the next time you cross the road, better yet, use the overhead bridges!

What’s your take on this?

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