[VIDEO] Sweet Video Shows a Family of Geese Walking On a Highway, With Police Escort - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Sweet Video Shows a Family of Geese Walking On a Highway, With Police Escort

With about 5.1 thousand shares on Facebook, a video shared by TIME was made viral. This video features a family of geese walking down the side of a highway with police escort cars, one behind and the other right beside them. The video was shot at Greenwood Village, Colorado.

In Malaysia, when you see police escort, that’s when you think “Ah, right, one of the big people, or a minister, or someone with lots of money is here”.

Meanwhile in Colorado, a family of geese could be seen walking in peace, albeit really slowly, with two police escort cars making sure that they arrive to wherever they are headed safely. It’s unfortunate that they would have to go and walk on the highway, shows how much intrusion we have done when it comes to animals’ habitat. However, in this case, we can say for sure that the police aren’t neglecting the safety of these animals, and helping them to get where they were headed would be the right thing to do.

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Although people can say, “the police there really are just looking for things to do.” It’s easy to think that way. I honestly feel that it’s great at all that police are actually doing things for local animals!

For those who just need a little happy pill, here goes the video. Enjoy squealing over how cute the whole family is.

(Source: TIME)





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