[VIDEO] "The one that will ruin the Chinese in Malaysia is DAP" Claims UMNO Information Chief After Saying How Much They Love The Chinese - The Coverage

[VIDEO] “The one that will ruin the Chinese in Malaysia is DAP” Claims UMNO Information Chief After Saying How Much They Love The Chinese

Wow! What a statement!

Malay Mail Online seemed to have shared an interesting piece just yesterday, claiming that the Malays in UMNO nationalist party loves Malaysia’s Chinese minority the most.

Why am I having a hard time digesting this? Just take a look at the video below:

It also seems that all this while, Chinese Malaysians were allowed to practise their own culture here, was because of UMNO’s blessings. Not sure what sort of blessings is he trying to point out but he vaguely said that Chinese names, Chinese culture, Chinese schools are all given the UMNO’s blessings.

The UMNO information chief Tan Sri Annuar Musa also managed to condemn the DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang as an alleged racist.

Annuar also mentioned that the ethnic Chinese here have more freedom compared to the Chinese in Indonesia and Thailand. Oh and of course, he brought up the matter about how Chinese people still ‘dominate the economy’ and the Malays does not mind or feel jealous or angry about it.

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Isn’t this like super contradicting??!! Especially since there were so many ‘loud’ announcements of giving back the Malays their rights and whatsoever.

I wonder who is trying to pull whose legs?

And once again the Keterah MP pulled in DAP saying that if ever DAP were to take over, the existing stability and social structure would be greatly affected and the first to suffer will be the Chinese, themselves.

Oh! And before I forget to mention, he was also reported saying that UMNO must change public perception that the party practices racism and told its members to stop saying things that could hurt the feelings of non-Malays and not belittle the other Barisan Nasional coalition members like MCA and MIC. <<< This pretty much backs up my point earlier. CONTRADICTION!


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