[VIDEOS] This Hero Risks His Life To Save A Dog That Was Wondering On The Opposite Lane Of A Highway!!! - The Coverage

[VIDEOS] This Hero Risks His Life To Save A Dog That Was Wondering On The Opposite Lane Of A Highway!!!

Darren Douglas is a hero, in my book at the very least, because he actually took a big risk when he decided to help this lost dog. On January 7, this lad spotted a dog that was dangerously and rather aimlessly walking in the opposite direction of the SPRINT Highway, near the Phileo Damansara area.

According to his post on Facebook, while he was exiting the Damansara Toll heading towards KL, he saw this dog walking along the middle divider of the highway. Realising, that it was dangerous for the dog to be doing so, he decided to pull over to the side and parked nearby a construction area.

Then he bravely runs towards the highway divider in hopes of bringing the doggie to safety. Apparently, he only recorded the dog because he wanted some sort of evidence if anything were to go wrong with his rescue mission. Guys, do remember a lot of the cars that was on the highway were just “on the go”, speeding to glory.

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Silently and slowly, he grabbed the female dog by the collar, however, she snapped at him and even bit him a few times trying to break free of his grip. Luckily, he manages to pin her down and calm her before taking her back to his car.

Probably after realising that she was in good hands, she calmly sat in the passenger seat of his car as he drove away.

Just before heading out to the clinic to get himself a jab, he sent out the SOS message on Facebook to help find the owner of the dog and with everyone’s help, the post stretched out all the way to the owner. On the same day, towards later in the evening, the dog and her owner were reunited.

May God bless the souls of all the kind hearts that came together to save this furkid and especially for Darren for being such a brave champ!

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