VIRAL: Malaysian Wife Gives Husband RM1,000 To Get Thru Hard Time Touch Many Hearts Online - The Coverage

VIRAL: Malaysian Wife Gives Husband RM1,000 To Get Thru Hard Time Touch Many Hearts Online


If you ever think true love does not exist and those who believe it is delusional, here is an example from a married couple.

Alex Lee recently shared a photo with a lengthy and heartfelt caption have gone viral on various sites, one particularly has garnered over 2,500 shares.

Alex Lee and Wife Touching Gesture
Source: Facebook

Lee posted a photo of a stack of RM50s and a piece of note his wife has left. The note reads:

Dear husband, here is RM1,000 for you to pay the maintenance. There is no need to use your credit card as the interests can be expensive. I know you are having a hard time now. I understand that and I will support you. Love you, oh~ ♡♡
From wife.

Alex Lee and Wife photo
Source: Facebook

Alex Lee caption
Source: Facebook

In the caption following the post, Lee wrote in Mandarin:

I am overwhelmed by the amount of bills I have to pay lately. This morning, however, my wife secretly wrote this note to encourage me… Dear wife, I am sorry I have let you suffer. I will work hard and provide you a good life.

Netizens were quick to respond to such touching incident. Some netizens tagged their loved ones to thank them, some wished the married couple well, some hinted their loved ones to do the same, some complimented the selfless wife, and some even said “not every woman that sacrificed for the family will be treated with appreciation”, “woman like this is hard to find nowadays. They will probably just write a letter like this to leave you instead.”

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Alex Lee and Wife photo
Source: Focus Cari

Lee, 39-year-old, was later interviewed by Focus Cari. He expressed that he did not know that his post would garner so much love and attention from the netizens. His intention was solely to thank his wife.

In separate posts, he said that after so many years of helping poor people around him and even got himself fired from work because of that, he did not get to spend a lot of my time with his wife.

But my wife gives me endless supply in my pursuit. I found my wife secretly put some money into my wallet last time, too, afraid that I did not have money to eat. She never ceased to encourage me behind my back and help me to start over.

Thank you for your support, wife. I know that the path to help others is not an easy journey, but with your support, I can continue to change the life of poor people, saving them from brick of death.

Alex Lee helping people
Source: Facebook

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Lee is a social worker and a real-estate agent. He met his wife in 2003 and have been for 14 years since.

Share this article with your loved ones today and thank them for their love and sacrifice. Let this be an ‘excuse’ to show your appreciation.

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