[VIRAL VIDEO] Watch How This Man's Wife Gets Beaten Up By His Alleged Mistress!!! - The Coverage

[VIRAL VIDEO] Watch How This Man’s Wife Gets Beaten Up By His Alleged Mistress!!!

Well…this is certainly a peculiar case! Usually, we hear about reports saying that the wives beat up the mistress without mercy, but this time around the wife is the one that gets bashed up!

According to a source, a lady was mercilessly beaten up by another who claimed to be her husband’s lover in a restaurant located in the city of Lishui, China.

The incident took place after the wife started approaching the woman who was claimed to be having an intimate friendship with her husband.

As soon as the wife starts lashing out verbally to the lady, without hesitating the ‘assumed’ kept woman fought back and became violent! The 3rd party even splashed water on the wife’s face before forcefully pulling her hair.

Either she was completely in a state of denial or she was just really into her man who is another’s husband, cause it didn’t seem like this lady was giving any chances.

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The fight carried out even to the streets where she kicked and slapped the wife till she fell flat onto the ground.

Apparently, the lady was just too fed up with the wife’s actions and even told her off by saying that she had given her(the wife) many opportunities as she had mentioned way too many times that there nothing was happening between her and the lady’s husband.

Bystanders who saw the whole thing called up the local authorities and both ladies are now being held for investigation.

WOW! That was an epic meal, don’t you think so? So who was overreacting? The wife or the husband’s close female friend?




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