Wanted Handsome Oppa Owes KRW200,000,000 Of Debt, On The Run Internationally And Locally - The Coverage

Wanted Handsome Oppa Owes KRW200,000,000 Of Debt, On The Run Internationally And Locally

Woah…so not all Oppas are as heavenly as we think!

Adabelle shared her story of how she was duped by a fine looking Korean guy on Facebook and this my friends serves as a perfect reminder to all of us to never ever lend someone your money no matter how good looking that person is.

In her post, she explains that this young Korean man named Kwan Soon Ho is basically a “Wanted Man” in South Korea. No no…not like an idol or something…it’s more like on the run as police are literally hunting this man down.

So it seems that Adabelle went over to South Korea to meet her Oppa who was living in Incheon. Instead of building a relationship this man decided to steal her KRW3,000,000 (RM11,710.00) cash before disappearing out of sight.

And that wasn’t the first time he actually took money from her, apparently back in Singapore, Adebelle had already lent him more than RM30,000 to supposedly clear up his debt with his friends and his heart and liver surgery.

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Which after further digging in, she found out that Soon Ho has not paid any of his friends yet…not surprising though.

Ladies, if a person you barely know asks you to lend them your money for whatever the reason is, it’s best if you did not help.

The best part is, all of his friends and even family members (his parents) are lodging a police report on the matter and they are even encouraging others who got duped by this man to come forward too!

It seems that this man is currently holding a whopping debt of 200mil South Korean Won (that’s like roughly RM 760,000)! Curious about why he is doing what he is doing?

Well, it seems all of this mess was brought upon himself just because he wanted to escape from his military service in Korea. On top of the debt, it’s actually a horrendous crime for one to skip their military service.

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So, peeps, if you do come across this man, please notify the authorities A.S.A.P. Here are two numbers you could call to make the report: +82 032-363-6802 or +82 032-541-3863


Source: Facebook

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