Be Warned! Sri Petaling Woman Scams Public For Gambling Money - The Coverage

Be Warned! Sri Petaling Woman Scams Public For Gambling Money

Honestly, this is why I believe many Malaysians are becoming more and more unwilling to help out people who are really in need these days, thanks to people like her.

On July 13, Zhengyii Choong shared her experience encountering a woman who is believed to be a scammer.

In her post, she claimed that her mother has encountered this lady who claims that her son is suffering from high fever at home and she desperately needs some cash. On top of that, she would also go as far to claim that she is suffering from depression and shows a receipt from Hospital Kuala Lumpur just to ‘prove’ her claims.

Unfortunately, her scams now are widely exposed as netizens are coming together and busting her scripted lies. Many have seen her knocking at people’s car windows and asking for help too.

Probably her son really did have high fever…well, that’s just us Malaysians for giving a benefit of the doubt. But nah…because more netizens in Zhengyii’s post has come forward and supported the claims of this woman being a scammer.

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Leonard Aw: Yes…this is definitely a scam… she confronted me once in endah parade…said the same shit script about depression, the son having high fever, same expression and same hukm blue card…. i took pity of her and decided to gave her RM50. Now i realised i am so damn sohai for being too nice.

ChowChow MunFei: she was begging an uncle to give her money. Then I heard the incident about her son, so I try to help her. But after I gave her money, my 6sense told me I was being cheated. >< 我好心帮他 她坏心肠骗钱。

Tera Cyber-yb: I meet her few months ago she also say her son fever

Tan Ken Lee: IC shows she stay at endah regal I’ve met her 2 times. Paid her the first time. She’ll block ur car not letting u pass. Just scold her off.

Shawn Lee: She was staying in Endah Ria Condo, i gave her once RM150 when she acted exactly the same like the video above but after i heard all the gambling habit about her from neighbours then I ignored her forever


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There are obviously too many claims of the same scenario and it will be wise to know that your kindness and money isn’t being put to good use. The next time you see this lady around, you be the judge.

IMO, please don’t allow parasites like this to take advantage of you.


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