WARNING! Fake Policeman and Police Car in Johor! - The Coverage

WARNING! Fake Policeman and Police Car in Johor!

There are fake polices in Johor Bahru!

A post in Facebook went viral, with a total of 5,500 likes and 11,800 shares! It was posted by Kim Tay Shu Yi, sharing about her experience of being chase by fake polices in police car!

It was around 11 pm, when the she and her husband were driving home via Pasir Gudang Highway. All of a sudden, a police car flashed the headlights from the back. Her husband goes to the side to give way to the police car, but suddenly the police car on their siren and start chasing after them! Kim speculated that perhaps they saw that there’s only two people in the car.

They both felt weird, because they were driving within the speed limit, plus they were driving on the slow lane. There are a lot more cars that were driving in high speed. They were wondering how come the police car was chasing after them, rather than the other cars?

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At that moment, her husband told her that there were people posting on Facebook, saying that Johor Bahru has fake police car. Reminded of that, they dare not to stop their car. At the end, the police car drive next to them and rolled down their window, asking them to stop their car. They were surprised to see 5 Malays in the car without police uniform! They were wearing normal clothes, and they all look like delinquent! The one sitting at the back of the car even pointed at them with a gun-hand sign.

Most amazingly, the siren wasn’t even from the top of the car, but it comes from the car’s speed meter. The more they think, the more they felt uneasy about this. They drive faster and dare not to stop their car, because these are fake polices! After following them for a distance, they finally turned off the “siren” and left. They were so terrified by the incident. imageedit_1_8992006588

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The car was a white Proton Wira with the logo of the police on it! Apparently these gang of people are faking as policeman frequently around the area. Thank goodness they were clever enough to not stop their car beside the road, other wise bad things might happen on them.


Malaysia’s public safety is getting worse day by day. Spread around to your families and friends! Let them know about the “fake polices” to prevent being deceived by them! Be more careful when you’re out there, and try avoiding being out late at night!

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