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What Is Your Chinese Zodiac Predictions For 2016, Year of the Monkey ?

In 2016, it is the Year of the Monkey. The Year of the Monkey begins on 4th of February, 4 days before the Chinese New Year that falls on 8th February 2016. Till then, the Year of the Sheep will continue. The 12 animals of Chinese astrology are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Depending on the year of your birth and the beginning of the Animal Year during your birth year, your sign will be determined. For eg: For those born in January or the first week of February 2016, their Chinese zodiac will be Sheep. But those born after February 4th in 2016, the animal will be Monkey. Take a look at the chart below to determine your Chinese zodiac.

1. Rat – The Year of Luck / The Blessings of God in Year 2016


On the career front, things are looking bright for you. There might be a job change in the offing or a good promotion. Team-mates will be supportive. However, the increased workload means more stress and you might have to take care to take breaks and relax. This might be the time to invest in your house and improve wealth. On the love front, your relationships will be strong. For singles, you might find your potential match. Social life will be good too with more interactions and fun moments with friends. Overall, 2016 will be a positive year for you.

2. Ox – The Year of Work / Time for Performance in Year 2016


On the career front, your life will be pretty good as there will be challenges thrown your way but you will effectively tackle them. If you do decide to take up a new job or change your career, you will be able to succeed at the new place. On the health front, your digestive system will need particular attention. Finances will be good as long as you work hard to earn the amount. Not much hope for the singles this year and there will be difficulties in your love life. Social life will be stilted with your entire focus on work. Overall, 2016 will see your efforts gain fruit in the professional front – but only if you work hard.

3. Tiger – The year to test your mettle / Show your Wisdom in Year 2016

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On the career front, 2016 doesn’t look very positive. You will face a lot of issues and challenges and sometimes you will have to involve others to hunt solutions. This is also not a good time to make a change. On the health front too, you will face health issues and will be prone to get into accidents. Romance is not on the cards for singles and those in stable relationships will face issues too. Social life might face problems due to misunderstandings. Overall, a year you wish will pass soon.

4. Rabbit – The mix-n-match year /  Good People Relationship in Year 2016


On the career front, you will rapidly progress as new opportunities will come your way. There won’t be many challenges and work will be relatively smooth-sailing for you. Finances will improve as you will be able to earn from multiple sources and investments will give good returns. Your social life will be good but on the love front, you might have to make some efforts to win your guy/girl. For those in relationships, there will be minor disagreements but nothing that can’t be solved. Be extremely careful on the health front as a major accident is on the cards and can leave life-long effects. Overall, a mixed year for you.

5. Dragon – The year of smooth sailing / Good Reputation Coming in Year 2016 


On the professional front, everything will progress smoothly as long as you work in a team and can delegate tasks. Keep your smart cap on and stay focused. Your finances will be good and there will be additional income too. If you do not have a financial avisor in place, now might be the time to get one. Your love life will flourish and you’ll be the social butterfly this year, meeting new people, impressing old ones. Your health might get a little wonky if you do not pay attention to your diet. Exercises will help too. Overall, a great year!

6. Snake – The year of changes / Caring and Yielding in Year 2016


On the work front, there might be some challenges and difficulties but you will manage them easily if you stay determined. You can also look out for new jobs as that will be better. The flow of money will be good and it might be wise to take some professional guidance in investments for increased profits. Your love life will be good with chances of getting lucky and finding the right match or settling down this year. However, social relations might get strained if you let your friends drift apart. While the world needs to exercise, you might over-do it and hurt your self instead! Overall, an average year.

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7. Horse – The year of professional rise / Achievements After Hardship in Year 2016


On the career front, your workload will increase as will your pay. There are chances of a promotion or a job with better prospects. Finances will be stable and with improved salary, will improve too. Your love life will blossom while on the other hand, you won’t have a whole lot of social life. Your social life might be restricted to your lover and co-workers, discussing work. Your health will overall be good with some problems surfacing time and again. Overall, a good year for the work-focused.

8. Sheep – The year of struggles / Ready for Action in Year 2016


On the professional front, you need to change your outlook a bit and become more open, more welcoming. Take the less trodden route and try new things. Experimenting will give results. There might be a money crunch at times but as long as you make the wise decision, you’ll sail through. There will be problems in your love life that can only be solved if you both are willing to be understanding and discuss things openly. Health will be good except for some sudden gastric issues. Overall, not a very positive year but can be good if you keep your cool.

9. Monkey – The terrible year / Competition and Challenge in Year 2016


On the career front, things won’t be smooth as despite all your hard work and efforts, the results won’t show. Taking up a new job might not be the wisest move. Finances will neither decline nor improve as there’s no career growth. You will have a lot of issues in your love life and there might be many confrontations. Social life and relations with friends will be warm but can at times go sour unexpectedly. On the health front, everything will be alright. Overall, not a very good year but it shall soon pass!

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10. Chicken – The year of carefulness /  Competition and Challenge in Year 2016

Chinese horoscope. Year of the rooster

On the professional front, everything will be smooth but only if you take careful steps and do not innovate too much. This is not the time to take up a new job as a new job can be detrimental to your growth. Also, be very careful while investing as there is a scope of fraud and money losses. Your relationships will be strenuous at times and on the social front too, while friends will be supportive, colleagues might not be as helpful. Health will be good but you might face some respiratory disorders at times. Overall, it will be a good year but you need to stay smart and alert.

11. Dog – The year of smooth sailing / Take Care of People in Year 2016


On the career front, you will be quite stable. Though not sudden growth or surprise change, there will be a steady rise. Finances will be good with nothing to fear. On the love life front, you will be lucky and it will be smooth sailing. There won’t be too many issues. Your social life will be good and friend-circle will expand. Health will overall be good as long as you don’t over-exert yourself. The year, on the whole, will be a positive year with healthy ups and downs but mostly smooth sailing

12. Pig – The year of alertness / Rain Storming Coming in Year 2016


On the career front, your luck will be good and you will perform well. However, be careful of making mistakes as even the slightest negligence can cost you heavily. This is not a good time to change your job but stick to what you have in hand. Your finances will be good only as long as you are humble and do not flaunt the money too much. Your love life will thrive and so will your social life. You will make new friends and meet new acquaintances. On the health front, you will face issues only if you are negligent of existing troubles. Overall, a good year but you need to be careful.


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