Wife Steps In to Stop Fight Between Husband and Son But Ends Up Getting Killed - The Coverage

Wife Steps In to Stop Fight Between Husband and Son But Ends Up Getting Killed

Some family’s dispute can be quite violent and may go out of hand sometimes. But this family’s fight had gone beyond it and ultimately resulted in horrendous murder.

The incident started with a heated fight between a husband and son in Sandakan, Sarawak, last Saturday (Feb 3). In attempting to stop the quarrel, the wife stepped in but the enraged husband lost his cool and directed his anger at his spouse in the split momentNST reports.

The husband was reportedly kicking, punching, and slamming the wife to the floor until she lost consciousness at their home in Kampung Sandak, Mile 10.

According to district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Azhar Hamin, the husband was identified as a 40-year-old Indonesian and the quarrel happened between the man and his eldest son.

Source: NST

“During the incident about 8pm on Saturday, the 40-year-old Indonesian husband was having argument with the child,” said the police chief.

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In the midst of the fight, the 38-year-old wife, also an Indonesian, tried to calm them down but the man only got more incensed and assaulted her.

“It is believed the man kicked, pushed and slammed his wife on the floor before she lost consciousness,

“Neighbours took the woman to hospital where she received treatment but she died at 9.20pm,” said Azhar in a statement, adding that the husband and the son fled the scene after the wife was lying unconscious on the ground.

Source: FMT

Following a tip-off, the police had successfully found the man and arrested him at a house in an oil palm estate at Jalan Settlement, Mile 12, at 6.30am yesterday (Jan 4).

The police chief said the man will be remanded for investigation under section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

Cover photo (for illustration): Berita Harian

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