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You Will Be Able to Pay with Touch ‘n Go Through Your Phone Soon in Collaboration with Alipay


If you haven’t tried going cashless and cardless, Touch ‘n Go will soon provide you an unavoidable opportunity to do so.

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Source: The Star

Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd (TNG) has obtained approval from Bank Negara to operate and offer mobile e-wallet services in a joint venture with Ant Financial Group, the company that runs Alipay.

According to The Star, “The new mobile e-wallet will enable Malaysians to experience a secure, convenient and seamless payment ecosystem by using Quick Response (QR) codes to perform, among others, online shopping, bill payment, retail payment, as well as Peer-to-Peer fund transfers,” TNG said in a statement.

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By leveraging on Alipay technology platform, Touch ‘n Go card users will soon be able to go cashless and cardless with the mobile e-wallet service seamlessly as Alipay is currently the world’s leading digital financial services provider, said CIMB Group Holding Bhd which owns 52% of TNG.

Source: SoyaCincau

Today, Alipay supports over 450 million users in China alone via its Alipay payments system and 520 million users worldwide. It has yet to become prevalent paying method in Malaysia but with the joint venture with Touch ‘n Go, it’s believed that many Malaysians will participate in the switch.

The move enables 18 million active Touch ‘n Go’s current users who predominantly use it for toll, transit, and parking to quickly sign on to this expanded service, which in line with government’s aspiration to accelerate the creation of a robust and secure digital payments ecosystem.

“Today, Touch ‘n Go are already the number one player in micropayments and we see this offering as an add-on as we strengthen our value proposition, moving the country and our customers further into the realm of digital payments,” said Touch ‘n Go chief executive officer Syahrunizam Samsudin.

Are you excited to go cashless and cardless with the familiar Touch ‘n Go? We surely are. All we need to bring as we head out is just our phone and MyKad from here on.

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