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Is Winter Coming To Malaysia ? – Malaysia Coldest Weather With Temperatures Dipping To 22°C

The recent cold spell hitting the west of Peninsular Malaysia has caused many to ask if winter is on its way.

On Thursday (Jan 11), the Klang Valley experienced the coldest weather it had in months, with temperatures dipping to 22°C.

On Social Media, Malaysians expressed both shock at the cool weather as well as how much they loved it.

“The weather in Malaysia is actually cold. Let me repeat — THE WEATHER IN MALAYSIA IS ACTUALLY COLD. This literally does not happen all the time living in a tropical climate,” @mabeses wrote.


The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia), however, says there is no sign of temperatures dipping even further and that the current phenomenon is actually due to the north-east monsoon affecting the east coast of the peninsula.

“The rainy season in the area is pushing the north-eastern wind and the clouds to the west.

“That is why we have seen less sun these past few days and the temperature has not risen,” said a MetMalaysia spokesman when contacted.

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He added that the cold spell is expected to end on Sunday (Jan 14).

“We can expect to see more sun from Sunday onwards,” he said.

In Malaysia there is almost no seasonal changes in climate, but the most cool is the time from November to January when the temperature drops to 26 degrees. However, the climate of Malaysia is different and depending on which region you are. In the South of the Malacca and Kalimantan the climate is Equatorial, hot and humid, to the North – subequatorial monsoon. On plains average temperatures during the year range from 25 degrees to 32 degrees, but in mountainous areas, for example in Genting-Highlands, temperatures drop to 15 degrees. Monsoon winds blow towards the southwest from April to October and from October to February in the North-East of the country. During monsoon period in the North-Eastern coast of Malacca sometimes stops sea tourism. At other times, strong winds are rare.

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So what happens if it starts to snow heavily in our beloved tropical country? Are we even prepared for such a phenomenon should it happen overnight? We cover some costs which Malaysians will definitely have to take into account if we’re faced with this mind-staggering event. Are you really prepared for this?


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