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Woman Pleads Public To Care For Beloved Pet After Her Death

A dog is truly a man’s best friend, as the saying goes this dog is truly a loving one to his owner. Prepare some tissues if you need them.

A woman from Sibu who loved her dog dearly left a note behind asking the public to adopt her pet before allegedly hanging herself to death in her bedroom.

The death of this woman came to light when she failed to turn up for work that day, she was found by her colleagues at 7.3oam. When the police came, they found a note she left behind for the adoption of her pet dog.

Both the police and her colleagues believed she was suffering from depression, while her colleagues mentioned that she did not look happy prior to the alleged suicide, had also asked them if they wanted to adopt her dog.

The woman, is a widow from Kapit who works as a security guard in a factory in Sungai Bidut, Sibu. Her children are said to be living elsewhere in Sarawak, so her dog was her loyal friend and companion.

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Before she worked as a security guard, she operates a hawker stall in Kapit but had to move down to Sibu to work due to poor business. According to her colleagues she worked at a printing plant in town but it was inconvenient to keep her dog there, so she had to look for another job.

She later came across a job at Sungai Bidut factory and her boss allowed her to keep her pet in the hostel, where she lived in a downstairs room of the stilted house provided by her employer.

For two years she worked at the Sungai Bidut factory, her dog had followed her to work and back without fail. One of her colleague said “the dog has been her loyal companion. She kept it clean and healthy, we all liked the dog.”

Her employer has indicated that he was willing to adopt the dog and care for it. Good thing you will have a new good owner, little doggy!

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Source: Borneo Post Online

When the police took the woman’s body to the hospital mortuary, the loving dog just looked on as if he knows his companion is no longer there. I’m sure when the time comes, you will be reunited again with your owner, hang in there buddy!

Source: Borneo Post Online

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