Woman Runs A Successful Business, Helping Wives Beat Up Their Cheating Husbands' Mistresses! - The Coverage

Woman Runs A Successful Business, Helping Wives Beat Up Their Cheating Husbands’ Mistresses!

If you are living in China and  you suspect that your husband might be cheating on you? Just give the “mistress killer” a call!

Zhang Yufeng, the mistress killer

Zhang Yufeng, has been helping Chinese wives enact their violent revenge on their cheating husbands’ mistresses. Over the years, Zhang has helped thousands of women get through their husbands’ infidelity by helping them collect evidence for court cases and sometimes by guiding them in how to beat up and humiliate the women they hold responsible.

Zhang, popularly known as the “mistress killer,” was inspired to go into this line of work after her own husband cheated on her in the 1990s and asked for a divorce.

“I curled up on the couch for a week. When I finally went out, my hair had become gray and people said I looked as if I’d lost more than 10 kilograms,” she remembered.

Rather than losing herself in self-pity, Zhang decided to take revenge. Devoting herself to tracking down her unfaithful husband and his mistress as they continued to move from house to house in a desperate attempt to flee from her.

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It was during these times when Zhang met an old woman who asked for help after learning that her son-in-law had a mistress. Worse, her daughter was suicidal.

Still dealing with her own issue, Zhang vowed to see the woman’s daughter after two days, but the worst had already come — the daughter had already killed herself.  She told the woman that she  would ruthlessly exterminate those men.

Since then, Zhang has known the purpose of her life. She formally set up her business in 2003, naming it the Fire Phoenix Agency.

Now, Zhang owns a property in Beijing where she helps shelter women who have been kicked to the curb by their husbands in favor of mistresses. With China’s divorce rate hitting new highs, business has been booming for Zhang. She says she receives over 100 calls a day from desperate women. Over the years, she has become a minor celebrity and even a hero to some.

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Recently, it seems like every few weeks there is a new video going viral on Chinese social media showing a group of women beating, stripping, slapping, kicking and humiliating a suspected mistress in the street while no one steps in to help the victim.

Typically, these videos are met with outrage by Chinese netizens who question why these women are taking out their anger on helpless “mistresses” rather than their cheating husbands.

But Zhang gives no quarter to mistresses, saying that she wants to treat them just like “Japanese devils” and “chop off their head with a sword.”

Zhang claims that the end of this “golden age of mistress-beating” is bad for women’s health, arguing that for scorned wives, beating a mistress brings important health benefits, allowing them to breathe more easily.

“Those who don’t dare to beat will develop diseases including esophageal cancer, uterine cancer, lung cancer,” she said, explaining that beating mistresses helps wives vent their anxiety and emotional pain.

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