Woman's Money Mysteriously Transferred To Stranger's Account, Banks Says They Can't Do Anything - The Coverage

Woman’s Money Mysteriously Transferred To Stranger’s Account, Banks Says They Can’t Do Anything

In this day and age, most of us probably have more than one bank account, for example, one for personal savings, another for work and spending. However, many of us are guilty of not checking our bank account often. After this, you might want to check on your bank account as often as you can in case there are any unusual transactions that occur without your knowledge.

As of late, a few people have come forward saying that the money in their bank account has mysteriously ‘disappeared’ even though they did not perform any transactions.

Source: mStar

According to Harian Metro, the victims were told that the money had been transferred to another individual’s bank account without their knowledge when they informed the bank of this issue.

One of the victims was 41-year-old Norshamili Osman. She took to Facebook lamenting the fact that RM1,000 from her bank account was gone without her touching it after banking in her cheque.

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She mentioned that she had received the money from the Negeri Sembilan state government as funding for her canteen business on April 11.

Source: Harian Metro

Two days after cashing in her cheque, she tried to withdraw the money at one of the bank’s branches in Lukut, Port Dickson. To her dismay, she saw that there was only RM25 left in her bank balance.

“I went to check with one of the bank staff about the missing money but was informed that the money had been transferred to another person’s account through online banking. The thing is, I have never opened an online banking account and the phone number registered for that account isn’t even mine.”

Source: Harian Metro

According to mStar, the bank discovered that the money had been transferred to an unknown woman’s bank account and that her phone number was given to Norshamili who tried to contact the number, however, the number was no longer in use.

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She later noted that the bank had asked her to lodge a police report for further action but implores the other person to return the money to her as it was an amount that could help her a lot.

Meanwhile, another victim to this modus operandi, Holma Abdul Aziz, 46, told sources that she had lost RM1,600 previously when RM2,000 was transferred into her bank account. She said,

“My friend had transferred RM2,000 to my account on March 2 and on the same day, I took out RM400. However, the next time I went to check my bank account, I was shocked to find that I only had RM29 when I should have an extra RM1,600 inside.”

This time, the bank found that Holma’s money was transferred to an unknown man’s account also using the online banking system. She said that the bank says they are investigating the issue and she has already made a police report but has yet to get an update from both parties.

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The two victims suspect that their bank accounts were hacked but did not know what else they could do.

We understand how frustrating and devastating it is to lose money, any amount is no small amount. We hope that the authorities can quickly solve and capture these scammers and put the rest of us at peace! 

It’s best to check your account periodically to avoid such things ever happening to you. Remember to stay alert! 

Watch Norshamili’s video below.

Posted by PenMerah [dot] com on Sunday, April 15, 2018

(Source: WOB / Facebook)



  1. Ronny Sim

    April 30, 2018 at 15:50

    Bank should make good the lost if the depositor can show evidence that she did not make the transfer.
    Make a police report and also report to the BNM. Bank owes a duty of care to its depositor’s money.

  2. ivan

    May 13, 2018 at 07:53

    if it is true she didn’t transfer to another account. bank can retrieve the money from the stranger account. stranger have to return the money which is not his. this kind of bank attitude who wants? i would rather close this bank account and deposit to other worthy bank which have more responsibility to customer

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