Fight Broke Out At Food Court In Philippines Still Leaves Netizens Puzzled!! - The Coverage

Fight Broke Out At Food Court In Philippines Still Leaves Netizens Puzzled!!

A heated up argument between 3 Filippino men took place in a food court in White Beach Puerto Galera, Philippines.

The cause of the altercation is still unknown, but we could tell that the 2 men in white and gray were the ones who initiated the fight when they pour cold water on a couple.

The man in blue fighting for himself and his girlfriend was pounded down by two of them when he managed to shove one off, another man in white joined in the fight trying to bring the guy in blue down!

In the later half of the video, the girl was seen pulling the guy in blue away from the place, but the other men letting brawl get the best of them went in for another round in the “boxing ring”.

It was rumored that the guy in blue was drunk and was bragging, but about what we have no idea, maybe about how he has a girlfriend but the other guys were single? The videos were posted up on Facebook by Dione Buhay went viral and have more than 21k shares.

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As those who don’t understand the language, a Facebook user did us a favor and asked someone to translate what was going on, but someone thought it’d be fun to give a sarcastic reply instead. Not really helping huh?

Have a look at the videos and tell us what you think had happened!

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