Healthy Man Turns Paralyzed After Playing Phone in Toilet for 30 Minutes, Netizens Horrified By the Common Routine's Outcome - The Coverage

Healthy Man Turns Paralyzed After Playing Phone in Toilet for 30 Minutes, Netizens Horrified By the Common Routine’s Outcome

Are you one of those people who bring their phone to the toilet and sit there for tens of minutes as they do their business while scrolling through the phone? If you are, maybe you want to reconsider your habit because what seems to be a harmless routine has actually caused a man in China paralyzed. 

Last Friday (Mar 16), Yahoo! Taiwan reported a man from Chongqing, China, had become paralyzed after sitting in the toilet with his phone for 30 minutes without moving. The 24-year-old was a healthy man without any medical condition but little did he know that his loo adventure while fixated on his phone could make him a cripple.

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The incident happened three years ago at his home. After being in the toilet for half an hour, his family grew worried and went to check on him to see if he was fine. Unresponding to the calls, when they barged into the toilet they found him lying unconscious on the floor. The family members quickly rushed him to the hospital. But it was too late, he was already in the vegetative state.

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The doctor revealed that the young man had maintained the static sitting position for a long time, which limited the blood circulation in his body. On top of that, the air circulation in the toilet was poor due to the enclosed space. With all these factors, as he tried to stand up after he was done, he likely to have suffered from oxygen deficiency in his brain and ultimately causing the tragedy. Besides, the doctor pointed out that not focusing on pooping may lead to constipation and the rectum would have to work harder.

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Contributing to the outcome was also the lack of frequent exercise which caused a poor blood circulation system. Upon hearing the news, netizens were horrified that this common routine practiced by many could be so fatal.

“This is so scary! I’m going to leave my smartphone behind when taking a dump!” said one, another added as he tagged his friend in the post saying: “XXX, we’re going to break in the door if you stay inside (the toilet) for more than 10 minutes! We care about you!”

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There you have it. Forget your phone when you are taking a dump. Be it a boring passage of time rather than risking yourself to an irreversible misery.

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