Man Rapes 13-year-old Girl Four Times and Forces Her and Friend to Pose Sexually for Photographs - The Coverage

Man Rapes 13-year-old Girl Four Times and Forces Her and Friend to Pose Sexually for Photographs

Man Rapes 13-year-old Girl Four Times and Forces Her and Friend to Pose Sexually for Photographs thumbnail

This man is so vicious, his offense has made the victim’s teenage years a nightmare.

The man in reference is a 25-year-old bronzed hair Singaporean named Koh Rong Guang. According to The Straits Times, Goh is currently on trial for raping a 13-year-old girl four different times as well as forcing her to take nude photos of herself and asking a friend to post them on his Facebook page.

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The offenses were made between November 2013 and December 2014.

The girl, now aged 17, lodged a police report against him only after a collage of sexually explicit photos he had taken of her started circulating on social media.

She testified the series of ordeals last Tuesday (Jan 16) behind closed doors. According to the report, the trial is scheduled in eight days.

Koh described himself as a self-employed, is facing 12 charges in total. Four statutory rape, one sexual assault by penetration, three criminal intimidation, two committing an indecent act with a minor, one for causing hurt and last one for circulating nude photo of the girl.

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The girl met Koh through a mutual friend Yiming, 16, in 2013. Yiming was part of a clique led by Koh that used to hang out at  Lot 1 shopping mall, near to Choa Chu Kang Centre, Singapore.

Deputy public prosecutors David Khoo and Sruthi Boppana said the girl testified that Koh had accosted her when they were at the karaoke outlet at Choa Chu Kang centre in late 2013. She was raped by Koh at the building staircase that day.

A few weeks later, Koh had allegedly isolated her from the group to a staircase. He allegedly forced her to perform oral sex on him and raped her after Koh threatened to hit her by hitting a wall near her face with a spanner.

Besides, the wicked man also allegedly forced her to strip naked and took pictures of her nude body. The girl said the pictures were sent to Yiming via WhatsApp.

whatsapp crime
The third time Koh assaulted the girl was at  Block 672A of Choa Chu Kang Crescent, where Koh allegedly raped her at the staircase. He was accompanied by two youths and they were watching the two having sex. When Koh was done, he told the two to rape her as well but they declined.

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The last incident happened on 24 January 2014 where Koh contacted the girl and asked her to meet him at the same spot. Feared of what Koh might do to her, she requested Yiming to accompany her. When they met at the staircase, he threatened them with a brick and began the assault on Yiming first.

Choa Chu Kang Crescent
After that, the girl followed Koh to another floor where he raped her again. He later forced the girl and Yiming to pose sexually to the camera. He took the pictures, then compiled them with the previous ones and forwarded the collage to a friend, telling him to post it on his Facebook page.

The punishment for statutory rape is between eight and 20 years’ jail and at least 12 strokes of the cane, the daily reports.

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