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  • xiaotong-mom-reject-luhan xiaotong-mom-reject-luhan

    Former K-pop EXO Member Luhan Rejected By Chinese Actress’s Mom From Marrying ‘Coz Plastic Surgery & Femininity

    This real-life K-drama may not be as tragic but it’s almost there. I can almost imagine the stereotypical evil mom in actress Guan Xiaotong’s...

  • 3.5K

    Hong Kong Beauty Pageant Queen Join #MeToo Movement, Claiming Sexual Assault When She Was 17

      If you haven’t tuned into Hollywood news for the past two months, you must have missed the biggest Hollywood issue in...

  • brad-pitt-offers-angelina-jolie-$100m brad-pitt-offers-angelina-jolie-$100m

    Brad Pitt Offers Angelina Jolie RM408M Divorce Settlement But She Rejects and Wants Reconciliation

    It has been about a year and a quarter since Angelina Jolie filed divorce with Brad Pitt after Brad had gotten physical...

  • paralyzed-man-from-mobile-game-2-days-straight paralyzed-man-from-mobile-game-2-days-straight

    Man’s Paralyzed Four Limbs After Playing Mobile Game For Two Nights Straight

    According to researches, most of us interact with our phone 2,617 times a day, spending more than two hours staring at it...

  • 2.6K

    Netizens Reunited Lost Husky with Family After 4 Years Through Online Sharing and Volunteering Help

    Have you heard the concept six degrees of separation? It essentially means that you can find anyone by inquiring a friend of...

  • mulan-thumbnail mulan-thumbnail

    Disney’s Mulan Casts Liu Yifei and Why We Should be Glad It Didn’t Get Whitewashed

    tWhile most of us were jumping around over the drop of Disney-Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War last week, many of us may have overlooked...

  • Rayssa Teixeiro Melo insurance on butt Rayssa Teixeiro Melo insurance on butt

    Brazilian Model Insures Her 110cm Booty for RM1.2 Million After Getting Groped on Live TV

    David Beckham has a US$195 million of insurance on his legs, feet, and toes; Jennifer Lopez has a US$27 million of insurance...

  • 3.5K

    Wedding Gate-Crashing Ceremony Ends In Tragedy When Bridesmaids’ Faces Get Cut By Glass

    It is well known that wedding games or gate-crashing ceremony have been a part of the Chinese tradition for the longest time....

  • 4.0K

    Indian Contender Wins Miss World 2017; She is a Medical Student, Dancer & a total Angel

    Manushi Chhillar was crowned as Miss World 2017 last Saturday in Sanya, China. The 20-year-old beauty queen is a Kuchipudi dancer, a medical student,...

  • 18.5K

    5 Reasons Why China Rejected Sh*t Tonnes of Musang King due to High Insecticide Is Fake News

    You may have seen this photo, first with a surge of happiness, only to discover that the caption/message says they are poisoned with a...

  • 4.2K

    South Korean Nurses Forced to Dance Sexily in Hospital Private Event to High Officials

    Nurses are the angels without wings in our society. It is their compassion and care that pull patients through bodily and mental...

  • 6.3K

    Kuala Lumpur & Malaysia Top 10s Most Visited City & Country in the World And We Take Them for Granted

    Malaysia is our home, and that is probably the only thing special to us. It is also very hot and when we...

  • 12.0K

    26-Year-Old Girl Disconnected Her Grandpa’s Life Support To Charge Her Phone

    Everybody knows that they shouldn’t touch anything especially the power sockets when they visit anyone in the hospital. Turning off a medical...

  • 13.3K

    CHINA: 12-Year-Old Quits School To Raise Money For Mother’s Kidney Transplant

    We all know mothers have unconditional love for their children, but how often do children return that love? We as children should...

  • 6.1K

    Taiwanese Kindergartner Aced The Creative Halloween Costumes Game Two Years In A Row

    I’m sure many of you already heard of Momo Lu, a kindergartener from Taiwan whose Halloween costumes are so good, they literally...

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