Woman With New Look After Plastic Surgery Misses Her Flight Because Airport Scanner Can't Recognize Her - The Coverage

Woman With New Look After Plastic Surgery Misses Her Flight Because Airport Scanner Can’t Recognize Her

woman rejected for boarding after plastic surgery

As faces are becoming more than a canvas for makeups, more people are opting to use knives to beautify their faces. The results of knives (plastic surgery) can be so drastically different, even family and friends can fail to recognize you after you have done it—needless to say about computer scanners.

Recently, a woman was rejected for boarding at the airport security check because the station’s facial recognition system could not identify her face.

The 28-year-old woman, surnamed Zhang, was at Chengdu airport well ahead of boarding time for her flight to Shanghai last Sunday (Jan 14) but little did she know her new appearance would cause her into trouble.

woman rejected for boarding after plastic surgery 2
Source: Shanghaiist

According to Shanghaiist, the woman’s look was unlike to her pre-plastic surgery photo on her ID card, resulting her to go through added security checks.

With time running tight, she tried to explain to the security officer that she had undergone plastic surgery but the officer insisted Zhang to visit the police station to verify her identity.

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Source: onemileatatime

The process took her four hours to finally prove her identity after going through stringent compliance check in accordance with bureaucratic red tape. But by the time she finally gained back her identity, her 1,190 yuan (approx. RM732) flight had left without her.

Frustrated by the turn of events, she made multiple complaints with every manager and worker she could find.

In the end, she took the train to Shanghai instead.

As there are more and more people getting plastic surgery these days, police advised the public to update their identity cards whenever their appearance changes dramatically in order to avoid inconvenient episodes.

Yikes. It must have sucked to be Zhang to see her flight flew away right before her eyes. But it’s a great lesson for all of us. Be sure to update your ID and passport photos after plastic surgery guys. 

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