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Young Boy Accidentally Got Shot In His Classroom!? How Is That Possible?

For Teacher’s Day celebration, you have to know that things happen in school, and teachers have to deal with the lot of trouble that happens. Among them is an unexpected, gun shot that occurred accidentally in school. Who would’ve known?

This incident happened in Moss Bluff Elementary School, Louisiana. A 7-year-old boy was shot, because another student brought a weapon to school. Brought a weapon to school! For what?

As for the actual reason, it is unknown, however, the incident occurred because the gun fell right out of the backpack of a child, and another student picked it up onlt to accidentally fire it, hitting another student. What a messy of chain of events, and as a teacher I would have been worried, thinking what about the parents of the children. Indeed, one would think that parents of these children would be more wary about the things the children bring to school!

Now this won’t only mean that parents are required to supervise what their children bring to school more, but for teachers to remain vigilant and perform constant spot-checks in order to ensure the security of the school grounds and students.

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The Sheriff responsible for the case is a firm believer of gun availability for citizens and residents of America, however, he also believes that as a gun owner, one should be more responsible about what one carries and to where. The gunw as created in order to protect, not to harm others. Similarly, the sheriff believes in keeping guns away from children as they are not usually aware of the danger that a gun may possess. This requires intiation from parents in order to discuss with their children about the dangers rather than to forbid them without a proper discussion. A logical talk will lead to a more understading relationship between the parents and their child.

As this case happened on a Monday, the school was scheduled to have a field day the next day. They have decided not to cancel the field day as it’ll allow the students to distract themselves from possible danger and get them right back into a healthy school environment.

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I believe that this is a healthy decision by the school.

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