Zouk Founder Lincoln Cheng Sentenced To 1 Week Jail For Drink Driving - The Coverage

Zouk Founder Lincoln Cheng Sentenced To 1 Week Jail For Drink Driving

Many Malaysians and Singaporeans are familiar with the popular club franchise, Zouk. Come on, you can’t say you’ve never heard of it.

The founder of Zouk, Lincoln Cheng recently landed himself in trouble with the law. It was reported that earlier this year, the 70-year-old businessman had dinner at Ion Orchard, Singapore, along with two glasses of red wine.

Source: Free Malaysia Today

He then allegedly got into his car to drive home. During his journey, he ran two red lights and ended up crashing into the left side of a taxi, causing it to hit a metal pole supporting a sheltered walkway! Oh my God!

Cheng was arrested on the spot after he failed the breathalyzer test. He was taken to the Traffic Police Department for another test, which revealed he had 43 micrograms of alcohol in every 100ml of breath. The prescribed limit for driving is 35mcg.

Source: The Star

The Star reported that in October, Cheng pleaded guilty to one count of drink driving and was sentenced to one week in jail on Wednesday, November 22. On top of that, he was also banned from driving for three years and was granted bail of $15,000 (RM45,710) pending appeal. One count of dangerous driving was also taken into consideration during sentencing.

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Source: The Straits Times

Despite his sentence, he was also given permission to travel with his family to Germany, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Antarctica, and Britain between November 24 and December 27.

Cheng, on the other hand, has made full restitution of almost $21,000 (RM63,994) to SMRT for the cost of repairing the taxi.

Source: The Straits Times

Never drink and drive kids! Do not endanger lives! Be smart and take a taxi home if you have ingested alcohol, better yet carpool with your friends, but make sure the driver did not drink!!

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(Source: The Star / WOB)


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