Nicky Liow Soon Hee Is International Organised Crime Syndicate Big Player – Mentored By Zhang Jian & Link With Legendary 14 K Triad Wan Kouk Koi

Nicky Liow Soon Hee, the young “Datuk Seri” on the run over various money laundering and commercial crime cases, is no small-time criminal with big bucks.

He is truly a big player with links to an international organised crime syndicate, police have revealed.

From controlling high-ranking informants in the police to having ties with a fugitive Chinese triad boss, here are the details about Liow and his links to even bigger triads.

Just 33, and head of scam rings

The 33-year-old is the founder of the Winner Dynasty Group and is believed to be linked to syndicates involved in various scams.

He is said to have been mentored by a Chinese national named Zhang Jiang and operated a call centre in Puchong, where Chinese nationals helped conduct scams.

With 12 cases on his criminal record, he first gained notoriety in 2017 when he was arrested for assaulting two Rela personnel. He was eventually acquitted and discharged two years later after the victims agreed to a settlement.

This week, police arrested 68 individuals believed to be members of Liow’s gang while also seizing 16 luxury vehicles, including a Rolls-Royce and five Alphards, and foreign currency totalling over RM7 million in 70 raids conducted between March 20 and March 28.

Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador then revealed that Liow had informants within the police force, while a former deputy public prosecutor with a Datukship was also believed to be among those who leaked information on the police’s Pelican 3.0 operation, which was aimed at arresting Liow.

Ties with fugitive triad boss

Hamid also revealed that Liow had ties with fugitive Chinese triad boss Wan Kouk Koi, better known as Broken Tooth, who was reportedly believed to be hiding out and continuing his operations in Malaysia.

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Wan, who is wanted by US and Australian authorities, had previously served 14 years in a Macau jail after being convicted of loan sharking, money laundering and heading a criminal group, before being released in 2012.

The former boss of the 14K triad is also the founder of the Hongmen World History and Culture Association, and appointed Liow as its vice-president in 2019.

Both Wan and the association have been blacklisted by the US’ Treasury Department over suspected involvement in international organised crime and money-laundering.

Ironically, Wan was appointed non-executive chairman of Inix Technologies Holdings, a Bursa-listed company, in August last year, but resigned on Dec 2.

He is also being investigated by Malaysian police for fraud after failing to transfer Inix shares worth RM6 million to a third party as previously agreed.

Deeper down the rabbit hole

Wan is linked to international drug lord Tse Chi Lop, dubbed Asia’s El Chapo, who was detained in January this year in the Netherlands.

Led by the Australian Federal Police, the Chinese-born Canadian was arrested at Amsterdam airport on Jan 21 in an operation that involved 20 different enforcement agencies of various countries.

Tse is said to be the head of the international crime group Sam Gor, also known as The Company, which comprises five different triads in three different countries, namely 14K, Bamboo Union, Big Circle Boys, Sun Yee On and Wo Shing Wo.

Based in Asia Pacific, the organisation is primarily involved in drug trafficking, even doing business with the Yakuza in Japan and biker gangs in Australia.

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A major producer and supplier of methamphetamines globally, Sam Gor is believed to launder its billions in drug money through businesses springing up in Southeast Asia’s Mekong region, including casinos, hotels and real estate.

In 2019, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimated that the organisation could be earning up to US$17.7 billion annually in revenue from its meth business.

Tse, whose nickname is also Sam Gor (which in Cantonese translates to third brother), is in prison in the Netherlands, where a court has yet to rule on his extradition to Australia.

Source : FMT

Datuk Sri Nicky Liow Soon Hee Parties With Triad Leader Wan Kuok Koi

In breaking news, apparently Dato Sri Nicky Liow Soon Hee is still on the loose. Although it was reported last time that he had been arrested, the police have explicitly stated he has yet to be apprehended.

In light of that, a video of him meeting triad leader Wan Kuok Koi (尹國駒) otherwise known as Yin Guoju (Broken Tooth/崩牙駒) has recently surfaced on the internet. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.

Wan Kuok Koi is the leader of the 14k Triad, the largest organised crime syndicate in Macau, Hong Kong. He was born in the Macau slums in the 1950s and earned his nickname “Broken Tooth” after he lost nine teeth in a fight. Previously, he was arrested for criminal association, loan sharking, and illegal gambling. He was sentenced to 14 years of prison and was released in 2012.

On 6th October 2019, Wan and his wife visited Liow’s headquarters in Puchong, Selangor. From the video (below), it can be seen that Liow respected Wan a lot as he treated him with honour and dignity. Liow arranged for dozens of men and women to line up and welcome the triad leader with warm applause. He also brought out a basket of durian and wine to entertain Wan and the other ‘brothers’.

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According to China Press, the video also showed Shi Weidang, captain of the Chinese Snow Leopard Commando introducing Wan. The triad leader and Liow seemed to enjoy themselves greatly. They made speeches, toasted and drank, and took a lot of photos together. Wan even performed the song “男儿当自强 (A Man Should Strengthen Himself)” with Liow.

Wan entered the country in 2019 for business reasons, but the police later received a report claiming he was suspected of a RM6 million fraud. He was then registered as a wanted suspect.

Yesterday (25th March) Johor police announced they are also searching for a former deputy public prosecutor (DPP). Md Azar Izwan Mohd Arifin @ Datuk A. Janus (42) is suspected to have been involved with Liow. It is believed that he is on the run from authorities now.

92 others have been arrested in relation to the fraud syndicate but 52 have since been released as they were not directly involved in the cases.

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