No Taxi Driver Wants To Fetch This Man Home Because Of ‘Short’ 15-Minute Ride - Malaysian Taxi Drivers Gave Us Reasons To Choose Other Alternatives ! - The Coverage

No Taxi Driver Wants To Fetch This Man Home Because Of ‘Short’ 15-Minute Ride – Malaysian Taxi Drivers Gave Us Reasons To Choose Other Alternatives !

The way how taxi drivers treat us is as if they’re purposely giving us reasons to choose other alternatives instead!

A netizen, Shahrizal Azwan recently took to Facebook to share about his encounter with taxi drivers who refused to pick him up because his journey was too short. His post has garnered over 1,600 shares.

In his post, he said that he had just gotten off a flight from Manila, Philippines. He then took the ERL from KLIA and stopped at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS). He stated that there were about 20 taxis parked by the waiting area, waiting for customers.

Image for illustration purposes only | Source: NST

Shahrizal walked over and approached one of the drivers. A driver asked, “Where do you want to go?”, he told him he wanted to go to Bandar Sri Permaisuri. The driver replied instantly,

“That’s too near.”

Feeling disappointed, Shahrizal headed over to the other drivers, thinking that he’d have better luck and at least someone would drive him home. However, none of them accepted his request.

He tried to justify being denied a ride to his destination,

“Maybe because the distance from TBS and Bandar Sri Permaisuri was only 15 minutes away.”

One of the taxi drivers stated,

“If you were to go to Puchong or Kepong, then I’ll definitely drive you there.”

Shahrizal thought to himself,

“Aren’t the passengers that are supposed to choose the drivers, not the other way around?”

From then on, it was clear. They only wanted to ‘untung’ (profit). Eventually, a driver approached him and agreed to drive him to his destination. However, he asked,

“How much can you pay me?”

Shahrizal responded by saying he would pay the driver according to the meter. The driver disapproved, saying he has been waiting for customers for a while now.

The driver tried to negotiate, saying he would fetch Shahrizal if he paid at least RM40.

Shahrizal responded by saying he would pay RM15 but the driver shook his head and repeated how he has been waiting for customers for quite some time.

How can you have the audacity to complain about waiting for so long when you’re denying a customer’s request?

The driver then walked over to the other taxi drivers, joining them for a smoke and chat while waiting for other customers.

None of them agreed to use the meter. Shahrizal eventually asked every single one of the drivers but alas, not a single one of them wanted to drop him off because his destination was ‘too near’.

Image for illustration purposes only | Source: NST

Feeling frustrated, Shahrizal decided to walk to the main road and he finally saw another taxi driver, who picked him up without hesitation and immediately switched on the meter.

He ended his post saying that he wanted to highlight the importance of taxi drivers’ attitudes, especially when dealing with customers. He added,

“If it weren’t for my phone being dead, I would have definitely called Grab.”

Have you had any bad experiences with taxi drivers? Let us know in the comment section below!

(Source: WOB / Facebook)



  1. Coco

    October 24, 2018 at 16:40

    Hi, I’m not Malaysian, but whenever I travel to Malaysia & I need transportation like taxis, I gladly will use Grab these days. And back in those days when there wasnt Grab yet, this petite me will insists the taxi drivers use their meters. When they refused, I refused to hire them too & will wait for the handful meter fare taxi rather than get robbed in broad daylight. I have to say that the taxi drivers then & now are really mostly acting like arrogant thugs. Your government should really take firm control of this bad attitude shown by the taxi drivers since way back then. These taxi drivers are drivers we travellers love to hate when we are in Malaysia.I love Grab drivers becos most of them are professionals in their own field who has to resort to driving Grab unfortunately becos they either have been unemployed for a bit too long or professionals looking for side income on their off days, so engaging them in conversations either in Malay or English is a plus point for me 🙂 However, I seriously hope your country will have more gracious taxi drivers who will use meters & you people should make using meter fare compulsory.

  2. Michael Fernando

    October 24, 2018 at 19:10

    Your government should not be cowed by this driver’s. They also can join grab and at the same time operate their own taxi. All Malaysian who had been blackmail by this driver should come in full force and vent out their frustration. This drivers fully operate in gangs and none of them will reduce the price. They do not care whether you are old, pregnant or disable, all they thing of is their own pockets. The government should not kow tow to them and force them to use meters and change their attitude. Look at the arrogance when they demonstrated. If they won’t change then use grab. Competition is healthy.

  3. Ngiam Tee Wai

    October 24, 2018 at 22:15

    The same thing happened to me at BTS. At KLIA, I checked Grab and it costs RM25 from BTS to the Mines. As I did not have data, I approached the BLUE taxis. They wanted RM35 as they claimed it was quite jam in that area. Mine you, it was at 5AM! I offered him RM25 and he refused. I said I will take Grab and he didn’t even care. I walked over to the LRT side. The first taxi didn’t want to take me. The second taxi, a Malay gentleman, however agreed. I asked him how much? HORRORS! He said he WILL USE THE METER! The trip costs only RM15 but I still have him RM25. Not all taxi drivers are bad, but unfortunately, most are. Too near, no go. Too far, no go. Traffic jam, no go. I just wonder how do they make a honest living driving taxis. Really a very sad case.

  4. Bou

    May 1, 2020 at 01:16

    is Girl scout cookies sold in Malaysia? (YES) WASAP(+)601117227296

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