The Coverage's October Pick: Olivia Shyan Reveal's Life's Secrets: How She Got To Who She Is Today While Keeping Herself Sane

The Coverage recently caught up with Olivia and got her to share her life story, how she got here, her secrets of keeping herself motivated, and maintaining her sanity.

Humble Beginnings

oliviashyan1 It wasn’t until she was fresh out of highschool that an agent discovered her, where she eventually landed a role in a Malay drama called Bola Cinta 2. She recalled great difficulty catching up due to the language barrier, but assured us her command of Malay have improved drastically since. Her role in the drama marked the beginning of her career, opening doors to more drama roles, modelling and hosting gigs, then eventually commercial endorsements. As a person, Olivia describes herself as someone hardworking, determined and are very receptive to learning; she reveals her soft-spot for music – any kind of music in fact. She says she listens to everything from classical to house, but does has her reserves for screamo, heavy metal and other oddities.

Challenges At Work

oliviashyan2 Being public person, she can’t help but being compared to other people – something that she considers the hardest part of her job. However, she said over the years she had learned to accept it as part of the job, and have developed a thick skin as a result. Olivia also said her job requires her to sacrifice a lot of her time and sleep, but she said it was all worth it. oliviashyan4 To keep herself psychologically happy and zen, she said she maintains a balance of family, friends, spirituality and exercise. Olivia had recently approached by Sony Malaysia with an endorsement deal – to be the face and brand ambassador for Sony’s H.ear On audio series, something that she feels very proud of, and described as a very humbling experience.

I’m fortunate enough to have met a large spectrum of people with different versions and levels of success in their very own way. But personally I think a successful person to me is someone who has found the right balance in life and does not worry.

I’ve learned that the most successful people sometimes are the most humble and secure. Therefore, ultimately not finding the need to prove or disprove anything because they are sure of themselves without being arrogant.

That is “success” to me.

Moving Forward

oliviashyan3 When asks what does she have in store for fans, she revealed a certain “something” that she’s working on, but it’s currently a secret. Also, she consider herself very blessed in life, and wants to share her blessings with those in need.

“In 10 to 20 years I aspire to be able to do as much as I can to help those in need. Perhaps by impacting people’s lives by providing jobs, education and more. I’ve been incredibly blessed in my life and I feel that it is for a reason, and I want to bless those around me.”

Photography by BKL Photography

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1 Comment

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