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OMG! Boarding Passes Posted Online Are Inviting Hackers To Steal Your Identity!!

Do not belittle hackers, as you may not know what is up their sleeves and where they get your personal information from, and we are doing ourselves no good sharing our boarding passes online.

It is something already so common where we like to show off our voyages online by sharing a picture of our passport and boarding pass, not knowing that we are revealing our entire identity to the public!

Sure showing off your boarding pass can make many jealous but putting your information out like that, was it really worth it, though? Most of us don’t know that boarding passes hold more information than just our name, date, flight number, seat number, and destination.

Did you know that the barcode on your boarding pass alone holds a bunch of vital information such as our contact number, full name, email address, and our home address?

Forensic expert Winston Krone demonstrated how easy it is for hackers to steal your personal information with just the barcode exposed. They only need to use a simple scanner application to reveal your identity and know more about you.

To protect your personal information from being exposed, you should refrain from posting pictures of those tickets online and you also should not simply throw it away! Even after your flight is over, these barcodes still can be detected. The best advice is to keep all your boarding passes, and when you want to dispose of them just tear them into pieces or burn them.

Take a look at this video to learn more about the barcode.

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1 Comment

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    May 3, 2020 at 07:27

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