OMG SO EMBARRASING! – Even Korean News Station Is Talking About Rosmah's Absurd Spending Habits Using Public Funds!!

Shessh, when can we ever get a break from these embarrassing moments! Guess who else knows about her extravagant shopping and spending ventures? A Korean TV News Station recently has made a ‘shoutout’ ridiculing Rosmah’s shopping habits and even pointing out that she has in fact been using public funds to glory. Seriously, despite previously stating that she spends through her savings that she has apparently collected since young, there aren’t many who actually fell for that statement, FYI! Come on, many of us have been saving since we were a kid, but many of us still can’t even afford to buy a house without taking up a loan, let alone wanting to shop like Mrs. Diva over here. The news that was re-uploaded by a local Youtube channel : Suara Media, has been viewed over 460,000 times and gained over 800 comments, clearly depicting the level of humiliation that Malaysians have to bare on their shoulders.  

      Even the Wall Street Journal has countless times proven, things that are very wrong been taking place, yet no one has been able to stand up.

“Newly revealed documents show (Rosmah) has racked up at least US$6 million in credit card charges in recent years – despite having no known source of income beyond her husband’s salary.”


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ilyla

    April 29, 2020 at 04:09

    is AK-47 sold in Malaysia? (YES) WASAP(+)601117227296

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