One Malaysian's Open Letter To The PM Speaks For All Of Us! – Malaysians Are In Absolute Shock Over The Huge Increase Of Cooking Oil!!!

“Dear Mr. Najib Razak I’m doing this on behalf of my family, friends and the rest of the rakyat; all of whom have no other way of voicing out pleas that fall on nothing but deaf ears and stone cold hearts. Today, you decided on an increase on the price of fuel and cooking oil. Today, you decided on going ahead with your plans of increasing the cost of basic necessities for living. Today, you decided to bring upon suffering to people who are helpless and have nowhere to turn to. Today, we woke up to news that our income will need to be stretched further when it’s already on the verge of snapping. Today, we woke up to news that we may need to eat plain porridge and cheap fried anchovies more often, because we simply cannot afford anything else anymore. Today, we woke up to news that we will be falling sick more often and even risk premature death due to heart attacks and strokes because we will be forced to have less rest and work longer hours to make more money to survive on a day-to-day basis. It’s easy for you to say that this move is for the future benefit of the people. It’s easy for you to say that this move is for the future enhancement of living status. It’s easy for you to say that this move is for the future progress of the nation. However, Mr. Prime Minister. However. You speak from the point of view of someone who doesn’t need to starve just so his child could have something to eat. You speak from the point of view of someone who doesn’t need to think if he has enough money to go to work the next day, and the days after. You speak from the point of view of someone who doesn’t need to worry about paying his backdated monthly bills with money he doesn’t even have. So don’t lecture us about how we’re being silly or petty about slight changes in price of daily needs. Don’t lecture us about how the GST is improving our economy. Don’t lecture us about how you’re trying hard to bring us to the world stage. You’re privileged enough to be able to wear Armani coats and buy your wife Gucci handbags, and never needing to worry about what you are able to afford to have for dinner. Try being in our shoes for once, and perhaps you might see where we’re coming from. Try being human, and understand the pain you’re putting us through every day. Sincerely, A despondent, powerless young adult struggling to make ends meet Ashley Greig” After her open letter went viral, another Facebook user by the name of Edward Christopher D’Silva, had another comeback that was basically just asking people who had the same thoughts like Ashley to stop bitching and blaming others.

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14947411_10154681141757929_5610078167253475895_n What do you think of this guy’s thoughts of the whole situation that Malaysians are currently forced to deal with? What do you think of Ashley’s point of view? A few days ago, someone had even released a price list of these cooking oils. Though later, officials announced that those were fake pricing, but this is what many Malaysians have seen in the store shelves. So which is it? whatsapp_image_2016-11-01_at_2-47-29_pm 14915570_563904620469638_7683142938415001515_n 14925528_1227036614009316_7801576898593688802_n We only can hope that someone from the higher seat would take action over this matter as this is simply an act of “torture” towards the citizens of Malaysia.

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