Only RM400 to Get A ‘Sugar Baby’ In Malaysia

Thanks to modern globalization, you can now get yourself one – for as low as RM400 a month from the Internet!

The practice- where rich “sugar daddies” or “sugar mummies” pay attractive young girls and guys for companionship and sex are no longer considered taboo in the epochal age, where consensual sex outside of a relationship is completely acceptable in the eyes of society.

What more, there is now a vast array of sugar daddy websites and online classified ads that one can go to should one wish to find themselves a “sugar baby”.

Reporters from The Star’s R.AGE youth platform posed online as potential sugar daddies/ mummies and sugar babies and interviewed several individuals online who had their interest piqued by the advertising bait- including a university student who offered his companionship and sexual deeds for a monthly allowance of RM 400.

However, not every “sugar baby” comes that cheap- an 18-year-old student, only known as Puteri, from Ipoh, posted an ad on a local classifieds website, asking for RM1, 000 a month for sexual favors and companionship.

Another 23-year-old “sugar baby” who claims to have serviced several Datuks in the past, charges RM500 for a single dinner date.

“It’s difficult to maintain my lifestyle as it is, but I also want to have nice clothes and fancy meals. My friend’s sugar daddy was able to give her all that, so I decided to try it too,” said Puteri.

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To top it all off, there are even websites that explicitly specialize in matching “Sugar Daddies” and “Sugar Mummies” to “Sugar Babies” for a small fee.

Data from one of the said websites show that nearly 50% of the “Sugar Babies” in their system were college students- an increase of 30% from 20% in 2006.

When asked why more and more college students were opting for “Sugar Relationships”, website founder Brandon Wade told R.AGE : “Firstly, most college students are single and actively dating.” “Secondly, the cost of college education continues to increase.

Most students will graduate with a large amount of debt that will take years to pay off.” Programme Manager of Social and Enabling Environment Development (SEED), Sulastri, who is part of an independent organization that works with marginalized communities, said that the Internet took away much of the risks young “Sugar Babies” often face when scouting for a suitable “Sugar Daddy” or “Sugar Mummy”.

“Back in the days, young girls who wanted to find themselves a “Sugar Daddy” had to go to clubs and drink amongst businessmen frequently and see where it went. “ Sulastri, who has been giving counseling and support to sex workers since 1992.

“It’s safer and more efficient, online.” Sulastri also continued to say that the desire for a better lifestyle seemed to be the main reason why more college students were turning to part-time sex work. R.AGE also spoke to several young sugar daddies, including one who was willing to spend RM3,000 a month from his RM5,000 salary on his sugar baby.

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Another sugar daddy, a 27-year-old manager, said: “Asians don’t feel it’s taboo anymore, so it’s a lot easier to meet like-minded people.”

Meanwhile, Malaysian Mental Health Association deputy president Datuk Dr Andrew Mohanraj said this sugar daddy culture could lead to a lot of societal problems in the long run.

Sources : The Star 

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