Open Letter To Malaysian Authorities : Thank You For Not Doing Your job That Has Ruined Thousands of Lives & Home

Dear Malaysian Authorities ,

This is an open letter to address your inexcusable efforts to warn us Malaysians about the disastrous rainfall that has ruined thousands of lives and homes.

You had one job.

And you didn’t do it.

In The weeks leading up to this horrendous disaster , Malaysians everywhere were left entirely unaware. We were not prepared. We were planning holidays , year-end Christmas parties or even just taking leave. We were blissfully ignorant. And now thousands of us have lost our homes. Thank You for making sure we knew not to depend on you.

Also , thank you for only telling us that it would worsen before it gets better after the floods ravaged neighbourhoods. Thank you for not telling us to stay inside after hundreds of us left our homes to have a meal , only be left stranded on highways while our cars sank. Thank you for no warning us about the landslides that destroyed our family homes while we waited for the rain to stop.

Thank You for not doing your job.

Malaysians are now rallying , helping their fellow rakyat in need. We are hearing stories of heroes braving snake and crocodile-infested waters to reach pregnant women stranded on the roofs of their drowned homes. We hear of people organising donation drives and shelters for those who have lost everything. We now know our fellow Malaysians will always help each other , despite any of our community-linked issues.

Thank You for showing us we can only depend on each other.

Don’t tell us it’s going to be hot before CNY.

Don’t tell us it will be rainy at the end of the year.

Don’t tell us what we already know.

Do Your Jobs instead and sound the alarm.


We , the unwarned Malaysians.

Source : thecoconutlook_ ( instagram )

1 Comment

1 Comment

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