An Open Letter to YB Syed Saddiq : Playing The Race Card Is A High Speed Rail To Hell - Wrong Call, Equating Language To Race - The Coverage

An Open Letter to YB Syed Saddiq : Playing The Race Card Is A High Speed Rail To Hell – Wrong Call, Equating Language To Race

An Open Letter to YB Syed Saddiq

YB, speaking Chinese and racial discrimination are 2 different issues. What if a company needs to do business with Chinese countries like Taiwan and China? If the documents are all in Chinese? It will only make sense to hire someone who CAN speak and read Chinese.

“You’re from a party which only allows bumiputera membership, please don’t talk about discrimination. You can discriminate against others but people can’t discriminate against you! What about BUMI-only job ads?” You’re an anti-ICERD, you ain’t got the right to talk about discriminations let alone investigate them. “Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you” this mantra will keep the peace.

Many have gone bonkers under this scorching heat, and not forgetting the air ketum. Surely, you’re not one of them?

Wrong call, equating language to race.

If the candidate is required to speak English, does that mean the owner is discriminating against all Asians?
If this is the case, why pick on Chinese only? Only BM, only French, only English, only German-speaking qualification ads are aplenty in jobstreet online. In fact, zeroing in on the Chinese only IS a discrimination itself !!!

Language and race have NO direct relationship. Many Chinese like me don’t speak Mandarin and many Malays can speak Mandarin. The private sector has the right to employ whoever has the skills the company requires. It’s none of the government’s business as long as they toe the line.

All able-bodied should be more competitive and find ways to increase their competitiveness instead of crying in self-pity. Nobody owes NO one a free lunch. MERITOCRACY is the way!

* the not so-abled like the OKU are a
different class altogether and their
welfare & competitiveness should
be evaluated objectively.

We should all seek to improve ourselves. It is definitely possible for anyone to learn and master any language (or any skill) as long as we are willing to work our bum bum out ! ?

Syed, I’m afraid you have got it all wrong this time. Come PRU15, I can bet you will no more be the MP of Muar. Even the Malay votes are fast deserting you, and your Chinese votes are now up in smoke. Playing the race card is a high speed rail to hell.

Wassalam, have a good day!

just an Amanah soul in the street

Source : Lim Chan You



  1. David

    February 20, 2019 at 18:47

    It’s time to kick out all those who use the race card to gain support from their race be it PH or BN for the good of all Malaysians. Malaysia will be great again.

  2. Ergo Cogito sum

    November 7, 2019 at 11:41

    Every action has its corresponding take notice of it and learn from past mistakes. As for theMPs who are playing race n religion cards must be hare-brained.

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