OPINION: Children Copy Adults Too Easily, Parents And Guardians Should Be Careful

As a child, their minds are still fresh and new, so they learn things easily and remember them for a long time. Teaching and allowing them to do this sort of acts will definitely affect their upbringing, causing them to create scenes like this it will scar the life of the victim and onlookers. Imagine your child looking at other two children doing something like this in kindergarten, don’t you fear for your child? You think it’s funny? Do you remember that one incident where a little girl got stationeries including a pair of scissors stuffed into her privates by another boy from her kindergarten? Do you want your kid to turn out like that? I bet when the teachers found the boy and girl they must be thinking what did the parents teach the boy. It’s true, parents play a big part in a child’s upbringing, this is why as parents, we must always give them the best with good knowledge and not encourage the wrongdoings. By not disciplining them for what they did wrong is encouraging them to do more! So parents, guardians, and older siblings of young ones, please do not expose the little ones to immoral stuff. Let them learn freely but also take note of what they’re learning!

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