OPINION: Malaysian Freelance Model Offering Married Man To Stay Overnight With Homemade Jelly!! - The Coverage

OPINION: Malaysian Freelance Model Offering Married Man To Stay Overnight With Homemade Jelly!!

The internet has gone a little crazy about the freelance model, Agnes Bii who seduced a married man asking him to go over to her house at night bringing her souvenirs from his recent trip and she will make homemade jelly while waiting for him.

Ring any bells yet?

First of all, if you have business relations with the man, why would you want to meet up at night in your house? Maybe in Agnes’ defense, she mentioned that she wanted the man, David, to come pick up some stocks from her place.

Girl, we all know what you want when you call a man over at night. Don’t act like you’re so weak and fragile that you can’t even carry some “stocks” into your car and meet the man outside, like at a restaurant or some sh*t, like a decent human being.

The wife, Carmen Tsy has every right to confront Agnes, and when she did, Agnes said she didn’t know that David was married. Well obviously he didn’t tell you, he’s out there looking for fun too!

You see, sometimes, after couples get married there is a period of time where the spark just goes missing and it is up to the both of them to work hard to get the spark back. Some people don’t experience this because their love is so strong that it overpowers everything. But unfortunately for some, their love just dies down, and they seek excitement elsewhere.

It’s not that I am blaming the wife for not having the spark with her husband nor am I supporting the husband’s decision to look for “entertainment” outside of marriage. I am just simply sharing my two cents on the issue presented to me.

It’s true that Agnes has no rights to ask a married man when is he coming home from his overseas trip, asking him to bring you your souvenirs at night and on top of that telling him you’re home alone so you want him to stay over.

You are playing with fire here, and I’ve seen too many young ladies fall into traps of married men. I personally feel that if you break someone’s family, someone else will break your family soon. It’s karma, it will all come back to you one day.

Although the relationship between Agnes and David seems fishy, Carmen shouldn’t assume on the spot that they are having an intimate relationship yet. Who knows they haven’t gotten to that part yet, and you still can stop them!

But I hope Agnes has a bit of dignity in her to leave David alone since now she has found out that he is actually a married man. I also hope that she has sympathy in her heart for the wife.

To be honest Agnes, you are super hot and good looking, you can definitely attract way more other single guys out there! Be a good young lady and leave David for Carmen and don’t ruin a family. Women have their own pride too, so as another woman, be kind to Carmen.

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