10 Signs Of A Strong Woman!!! Do You Possess Any Of These Traits?! - The Coverage

10 Signs Of A Strong Woman!!! Do You Possess Any Of These Traits?!

10 Signs Of A Strong Woman!!! Do You Possess Any Of These Traits?!

Speaking of International Women’s Day, I’m pretty sure most of the women out there do not realise how strong they actually are. Way too often even their male (or female) partners or friends do not compliment them and acknowledge their strengths. So let’s take a brief moment to recognise the traits of an independent and strong woman!

1. You love yourself no matter what

No…ladies…it’s not about being vain! It’s about accepting yourself, your personality and your own opinions that make you a stronger woman!


2. You don’t depend on anyone else

Technically, you are allowed to depend on someone, but you just prefer getting things done faster and in your way. Because why not? You already are equipped with the knowledge and resources to do so.


3. Others consider you as a great role model

One too many times you would find yourself being asked about by others who see you and feels inspired. Don’t worry, the attention you are getting is a positive one! Embrace the fact that your whole life is a work of art!

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4. You know how to find your own happiness

Rather than waiting for someone to bring happiness into your life, you know exactly what makes you happy and you know how to get it! Nothing wrong with sharing the happiness, but it is beautiful to see the smile and laughter on your face because you earned it on your own.


5. You aren’t afraid of showing your emotions

Who said crying is a sign of weakness? The only sign of weakness is when a person isn’t brave enough to show off their emotions! Be bold, be daring to show yourself to the world.


6. You always believe in yourself

Even when the whole world is doubting you, you never give up on yourself cause only you know your limits! You always prove them wrong and somehow, magically, you always manage to show them what you are made of!


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7. You are proud but not obnoxious

People often mistake your confidence as egoistic, but don’t let it get to you! Show them that behind all that pride that you take credit for is all for your own hard work. Be compassionate in the process, it will work wonders!


8. You accept yourself the way you are

If you have a scar on your face, you own that! If you have a tough past life, you own that! Do not let any of your negative sides take over your greatness! You are more than that.


9. You fight for what you want

There’s nothing more superwoman that your endurance to face it all! You have been going against the odds ever since you can start remembering anything. You are a true warrior and never let anyone tell you otherwise.


10. You avoid small talk

Nothing is less attractive to you than a person who talks air. Talks with substances and value are what you yearn for! Don’t waste your time listening to others who only know how to exude their negativity.

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If you know a strong woman who fits the bill, share this to her!

Quotes were sourced from Pinterest.

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